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    There are major issues with this server .. this server is known worldwide as

    "Cheat server"

    There are an incredible number of players on this server who cheat ..

    In fact, not only "small gladiators" But also large gladiators ..

    Some players in level 100 and up .. use robot for example.

    Another problem is ..

    Cheating with silver / gold tools .. example .. Someone gives tools to a friend .. who then gives to his big gladiator ..

    It's also cheating ..

    When you report something to gladiatus about cheating, they never do anything.

    It's not serious ..

    This and no new stuff in the game .. + That they removed so you can no longer create new gladiators .. or give away gladiators to any other player .. has killed the world's most active server .. all servers on gladiatus are dead.

    If gladiatus is to become an active game again .. the following is needed:

    Take back so you can create as many gladiators as you want before!

    to be able to give or take over another gladiator!

    New updates in the game



    new resursers..

    Underground 4 examples.

    It's time for the gladiatus team .. and start doing something .. on REAL :)

    For do not forget .. it is we who play this game .. it is people who play gladiatus who buy rubies ..

    Another thing is also ..

    A gladiatus admin (Should not be allowed to play gladiatus) so it will be 100% fair/neutral.

    Even some on the server .. have many gladiators .. and use different Ip numbers to be able to give themselves things .. etc .. all cheating on the server must go away!

    That's pathetic! "

    Gladiatus needs people who keep an eye on the server all the time .. see everything that happens ..

    If all this I wrote is fixed by gladiatus, gladiatus can be a great game :)

    Just like in the Lagerhus / Guild market, there is history ... there should also be in the public market.

    To get to grips with the tools above all ... they should be Souldbound! so players can not cheat .. (Give to a friend) who then gives to the big gladiator)

    I think that players should decide if they want to give away their gladiator to another player, then gladiatus should help with that! as it has been before. right now.. is not possibole take over account or something!

    Another problem is .. if you have many warehouses .. then you can have resources / tools etc in the warehouses .. then take things with your other gladiator .. Even though your gladiator is multi! and thats also cheatings!

    everything I wrote now ,I have seen with my own eyes when I played with a certain type of guild ..

    Gladiatus is a game that is ongoing and extinct to 100%
    More and more players stop playing this game
    It's not just on server 201
    Without it, it looks like this in all countries / in all gladiatus servers
    Gladiatus needs to make more updates in the game .. If players are to continue playing .. And if new players should be able to join gladiatus

    Some examples:
    It must be easier for players in level 100 in the underground to find red things ..
    / Orange.
    Better drops for higher level players .. so it is possible to find the stones of hell .. / cerberus .. orange / red
    New scrolls .. And new armor .. which is better ..
    To be able to do example 100 assignments and get reward: Example
    Silver tools or rubies
    Instead of having to sell 60 pages .. with armor etc .. to pack their gold ..
    Pressing a button will disappear all 60 pages .. and it will turn golden (if you press 1 button)
    Maybe .. Possible
    If gladiatus makes a server "
    Where all players from all countries play .. with their gladiators .. guilds etc
    Also new Dungeons/Expedition for high levels player
    It must be easier for players in level 130- And upwards .. to find hell tests / cerberus .. in all different colors .. also orange / red.
    And sometimes some competitions .. example .. The one who has the highest honor in 7 Days-LIST.. .. week 32 .. wins 10 gold tools ..

    And there should be some admin from so .. (On gladiatus) who keeps track so all rules are followed correctly in Gladiatus!

    Gladiatus, It's time to listen to what the players want,

    It's the players at gladiatus who buy rubies, for real Money,

    I wrote to gladiatus about this already 2 or 3 months ago .. What did gladiatus do?

    New server ..

    It's not serious .. from gladiatus ..

    And a long time ago .. New login method ..


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