"War against Numidians": 16.02.- 22.02.2022

  • The following message was brought to us today:

    "Ave Gladiators!

    The oases are the lifeblood of the desert, the lifeblood for hunters, merchants, and the legions.

    Now these lifebloods are falling from our hands and we are losing our dominance over these oases.

    The communication lines have been disrupted, trade is at a standstill and the legions are beginning to thirst.

    To your weapons, warriors of Rome!

    Our supremacy in Africa is under threat, as is the supremacy of our emperor on our beautiful empire.

    King Juba the First and his people, the Numidians, have risen up and are threatening the security of the empire."

    In the War against the Numidians

    your team play will decide over victory or defeat.


    The Numidians, led by their King Jubo the first, are threatening our supremacy in Africa.

    Our most important source of supply, the Assuri Oasis, is the target of their attacks. If we don't succeed to beat them off, the lives of thousands of legionaries are in great danger!

    And of course, also the important trade routes through the oasis would be blocked.

    There is only one choice:

    To your weapons, fight off the Numidians!

    How does the event work?

    • As soon as the event has started a new expedition area will appear in your menu, the Assuri Oasis.


    • Clicking on it shows you the first wave of opponents to beat. In contrast to normal expeditions the enemies at the Assuri Oasis have a counter, which shows you how often the enemy was beaten by all gladiators on the server. This means that the more active you and your allies are, the quicker you will gain the victory. As soon as all enemies of the first wave are beaten (= the counter reaches e.g. 1000/1000), the next wave is available to attack. At the end there is the leader of the Numidians to beat, one single boss, but with an enormous amount of health points which all gladiators have to beat down fight by fight!
    • From the start of the event you have 7 days time to beat all enemies including the boss. If you don’t succeed in that time frame, the battle / event was lost.

    Who can participate?

    • All players with level 7 and higher.

    Which rewards can you get?

    • For every fight won in the event you receive a temporary buff for your stats. Of course your overall performance in the event will also berewarded, but only if the event is finished successfully!
    • If you click on the tab “Highscore” in the Assuri Oasis area, you can see which rewards await you at the end of the event and how you did compared to other gladiators. The highscore is sorted by points, if you win a fight you receive 1 point, if you lose you receive no points.

    Have fun playing!

    Your Gladiatus Team


    ~ There are those among us who are blessed with the power to save what is loved by another, but powerless to use this blessing for love themselves. ~

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