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  • How can anyone explain this https://ctrlv.link/FOvo and similar situations EVERY TIME when I go to the EASY Underworld? I don't lose 3 times in a row with normal expedition monsters, which are much stronger. However, losing normal expedition doesn't cost rubies. All the statistics are not true, even a small child can see, that Underworld EASY creatures block and strike critical attacks much more often than the statistics say.

    Why does Gamerforgery lie to players?

    All I can see, this is a way, how you EASILY lose fights with weaker monsters.

    This is a way, how to EASILY robe players' rubies, nothing else.

    I would really LOVE to hear any explanation, any make up story about bad luck, extremely rare situation, which unfortunately happens every time I go to the so called EASY Underworld.

    Please, explain it to me.

  • Well, that's great, but no details. Is it so called Easy underworld? It is understandable, that your mirror image might cause troubles, to win this you need some luck. For the rest, your score is quite nice, I'll personally celebrate it with a bottle of champagne as I normally get much worse.

    I'm talking about Gamerforgery stealing rubies. I mean when i have 60% probability of strike and the monster just 40% and yet losing many fights in a row. Probability of such a thing is minimal, but it happens every time I go to the Underworld. I mean losing fights like this https://ctrlv.link/MkLj over and over, again and again, until you lose rubies.

    This incredible good luck of weak monsters, fully fake percentages which have only one purpose, to steal rubies from players. They can't afford to write down the truth, because that will discourage players and raise questions, what is the Easy underworld like. They aren't even honest enough to admit they want to charge rubies to enter underworld. They are stealing my rubies right now again even if I have both pacts on, see the example above.

  • Hello Roy!

    I understand you frustration but, as far as I can see, it's the same reason of wich we all are loosing in the arena to an weaker opponent. It's the random chances of critical attacks and blocked hits. This chances of attacking and blocking works in random way. From 15 rounds in a fight you, or the opponent, may give / receive from 0 to 5 critical attacks and it's the same thing with the blocking chances. I loose sometimes to the same weaker oponent 3 times in a row, in the same way with the mobs from underworld. On top of that, I've noticed that the mobs from UW copies a part of your stats. For example you have the same armour with the one from you link. The bosses from Britania don't have that much chance of critical and blocking as the mobs from UW so the comparison it's not efficient.

    In that conditions we don't have anything left to do but play the game, or not. :) For now, I chose to play and relax as much as I can ;). When the frustrations will get bigger than the fun, I'll stop playing. I hope that will not be soon because gladiatus it's the most longevive game I've played ever (from 2006 till now).

  • As I noticed, there are randomizer factors depending on the time when the attack happens, your instant health points, your wins in that hour, the conditioning of your items at that time and so on. Even if you collect those datas, there are hundreds of parameters to be taken account and also some specific parameters that are independent from the user, e.g. events, server economy, rate of change of relevancy. But maybe I'm wrong, and there is actually only one factor of randomness.

  • Roy the game it's nothing more, just a business !!!

    #gf doesn't care about your opinions or complaints.

    They want our money and that's all !!!

    I stopped investing money in this game at all, from last year, because it's not worth it !!! :thumbdown:

    And the "random" it's so high, which became so active in arenas and expeditions....

    I'm playing simple and I'm attacking every 15 min.

    I'm not wasting my time, money and nerves with this game.

    The value of this game is ZERO . :evil:

    I don't care anymore about this ..... game (you can put any word that you like)

    My advice is to play simple, without anything as you can.

    And if they make fun of us, so do I.  8):thumbup:

    Enjoy your LIFE ! <3

    Because this game it's going down !!! 8):thumbdown:

  • Thank you for your replies. I didn't answer earlier, as I knew all the rip offs will carry on and I'll have plenty of time to respond.

    To my big surprise the rip off are going on again. I do understand the idea of paying for fun, as we normally pay for entrance to different leisure places. At the same moment I don't see a point of spending money on something, which just makes me angry. GAMEFORGERY certainly is beyond the point I'll ever spend any money on them. They just lie, cheat, steal and so on.

    Imagine you order something, but the company delivers something else, it takes much longer time and when you finally receive it, they try to overcharge you. Will you ever spend any money on the same company? I guess not.

    Doesn't matter what you tell me about random chances of attacking and blocking, they say something about percentages, which are completely fake. I understand it is a dice based game and accidents may happen. Unfortunately, thanks to the incredible long waiting times between loses to weaker enemies I had enough time to run a manual count. It wasn't that hard to find out, it isn't any close to what they say. The comparison with other monster is accurate, just the monsters in Underworld are much better, than they say. If they can be extremely lucky, one will expect they can be unlucky, but that never happens. It is always the player who has to lose many, many fights so GAMEFORGERY can drain players' rubies.

    I'm getting even more angry right now, as I'm losing to weaker monsters again. Perhaps GAMEFORGERY thinks I'll spend some rubies on the remaining fights, but I won't.

    This game become just a shameless robbery and it isn't worth any money. Look at this, all of the monsters are weaker than I.


    Perhaps they think, "ha ha ha, look what we can do, we can cheat like this, and you'll have to spend your rubies and then use your money to buy even more rubies, so we can rip you off again"

    But they are wrong, there are so many other games, so many other much better ways of spending time and money not just this pathetic bunch of cheaters and thieves.

  • I'm bored, angry, late for dinner and I see someone is cheating again right in front of my eyes.

    Welcome to Gameforgery so called "fun". If they need to make more money, they should raise the price of everything on speedservers, where players get everything way cheaper, more and longer events, while we have to pay just to get slower speed than they have for free.

  • I'm thinking of sharing an item build i made recently, to win in easy UW. It works really well for me (basically 0 defeats apart from the 1st opponent, lvl 132), but I'm not sure if it would work for other people.

    It is based on the fact that every UW monster i fight has all of its stats closely linked to mine, so by weakening myself in certain ways, i can create a situation where i have extremely low chances of losing each fight.

    But my guildmate who has tried it couldn't make it work, as his UW mobs' stats were not at all linked to his stats. So i don't know if it would work for other people, or if it's just him thats bugged out.

    If you could do an attack, fully naked, in the UW (not against the first enemy !), you can see if my build would work : if the monster has mostly the same stats than you, even when you're naked, then my build would work. If thats the case, i'll share it, hopefully it can help :)

    Here's an example of a fight with these items :

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • Here it is :


    You'll also want to remove the shield when you fight against Charon (1st area, 4th monster), Centimanes (3rd area, 2nd monster) and Sphinx (4th area, 3rd area), to optimize your chances.

    Good luck !

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • No its the right one, you just have to paste it in charplanner.

    The build weakens you on purpose, to make it so that UW monsters have 0 crit chance 0 block, while you'll have 50% block chance (because of the level advantage you have in easy UW)

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • UW1 is easy to not lose rubies, I wouldnt bother to do this

    UW3 is a problem for me. Sometimes I lose even up to 10 rubies. I do it flawless sometimes, but only with 2pacts, 3 apollo oils, diana armor and mars damage + adding bottles of agility and dexterity. That way I win 95% fights. Maybe dis pater sometimes is a problem. I still lose quite a lot hp, so at least 1 health restore required

    If u have a problem with UW, I recommend apollo oils and adding all kinds of boosts. On lvl109 its about 66-69dmg extra, so its quite a lot. Best to do UW3 costume with oils and after that do UW, so u have oils active

  • I imagine you're not very far from level 100. Initially UW is not that difficult to complete. But after a while it becomes pretty much impossible to complete without rubies, even UW1; you get to a situation where every UW monster has basically the same armour and damage than you, almost the same dexterity/agility, and have 50% crit and block chance...

    But yeah i wouldnt bother about an item set if you're not struggling yet, what you describe works fine at this point.

    However i think everyone ends up struggling eventually (in my case, around levels 120s to 130)

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • MBT

    It was just like you described, but the music didn't play for long.

    The stronger you get, the worse it gets through the underworld, and at level 141 you had to spend 3 to 8 rubies every time.

  • So all u gotta do is... dont become stronger :D

    Overtraining is a mistake everyone does. Its so tempting to train stats to maximum. And theres nothing to spend gold beside training points. Thats why Im building my guild alone, so I have something to spend my gold

  • Well then you become weak against other players... and expedition bosses even ! From the second Britannia expedition onwards (lvl 130+), you actually start to lose quite a bit against expedition bosses; you can't afford to be weak if you want to keep farming well.

    Besides, I'm not sure that this power creep of UW is due to the player's base stats... not really sure but i feel like crits and block are the main issue there

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"