Suggestion: Make the melting times shorter

  • If you want to melt a high level item, the melting time are around 70 hours for an item. That's just too much :( Could GF look into that and shorten the melting time of those items with at least 50% ?

    Would be much appreciated :)

    €dit by Nightmare:
    Feature has been implemented. Therefore we're closing this topic..

  • On my server 10 Jewels for bronze. Not an option.

    Nice option would be an extra pact with the next options:

    1. Reduce the intelligence of your opponent by 20%

    2, Reduce the melting time by 50%

    3. Reduce the forging time by 50%

    4. Increase the number of resources by 50% when melting

    5. Reduce the number of resources for repairs by 50%

    The percentages are just examples, but since a pact costs 15 Jewels, it should be worth something.

    When you add a new pact a new god in the Pantheon would be nice too….


    1. 4 hour buff to reduce the number of resources for repairs by 50%

    2. Oil which increases the change of forging succes by 20%

    3. 2 hours 20% more change of a higher quality level while forging

    And when you add a god, you'll need quests to earn points for that god....

    1. Melt three green objects
    2. Melt two blue objects
    3. Melt an orange object
    4. Repair 3 items

    5 ……


  • I actually think this idea should get more attention. I have brought it up as well on the old english forum.

    The amount of time needed to smelt an item on SPEED 1 servers (so normal servers) is just too high once you get above level 100.

    Now there are multiple ideas to make this better, for (all servers as well, so speed 5 as well).

    1. The possibility to use the hammers to DECREASE the time of smelting, in this way you also increase what GF always wanted (communication between players). Because hammers will be valuable again and people will start using the market,, talk with eachother.

    And we all know, time = money, so less time needed = more forging goods = more forging = more chance for GF that somebody uses tool which they bought with rubies = GF is happy.

    2. New Pacts, like above mentioned, this one is actually pretty interesting. Forging has become a big part of the game.

    I suggest the pact could consist of the following bonusses:

    - 20% higher valuable resources while smelting (has to be activated while activating the smelter)

    - 30% less time for smelting (has to be activated while activating the smelter)

    - 30% chance of finding more Forging Goods with expeditions and Dungeons and with 30% higher value

    - 50% less resources needed to repair items

    - 10% more resources while smelting

  • That would cost a ridiculous amount of Jewels. That's not an option for 99.9% of the players.

    Not when you get them as drops on expeditions. I know people who have 100s of bronze and silver hammers and just collect them for fun since they're useless, this way we could actually have some use from them.

  • The smelter takes too long. The times should he shortened across the board. If they add premium features on top of that , fine. Still should shorten the times . Many players packing and repacking items to save for smelter . Would be a great and probably an easy fix

  • Idea with new pacts is actually rly good. Old pacts were made 11yrs ago while game was completely different. Also there are some useless pacts that I believe no1 tried ever. It needs some updating.
    Btw, is there any1 who is actually hired by GF to investigate community's needs and suggestions?

  • As it was done since beginning of the Gladiatus game the community teams (customer support) are forwarding users suggestions to the product team.

    Forwarding means that information is being sent to the people who decide on what is being done (or not) in the game. It doesn't mean the suggestion will be implemented (partially or fully) or that there will be any reply to those suggestions.


    The smelting time reduction is not a new request/suggestion, it has been brought up in the past in various communities and yes, it was already forwarded.

    PS. If you want to share your ideas on what new pacts/blessings could be please create a new topic for that :)


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  • we could have a Hephaestus costume (not an event costume) that could shorten the melting times, the forging times and boost the durability from working as a smith. Coule be better %, less working hours or the durability applies to all items instead of only the items from one mercenary.

  • And why not makes a decision?

  • time for melting? 1 month, or 2 i think

    and resources for the bank? because I stay for a month to melt the items and can't recover items

    this is game, will no longer be interested for servers x1

    only orange jewerly that drops underworld materials (if no UW non jewerly to melt) or red ones are ok to melt, and for other items, only gloves and helmets should be melted with exception for items for UW drop.
    Everything else is sold, at least it is how I was doing it.

  • Not really. When it's a melt drop event, we (x1 servers) we can not help with this event because the melting time is too high, and we can melt a maximum of 2 items.

    Look here:

    these items are for melting..

  • agree , even in a 5x speed server i'm getting impatient about smelting time ( espacially when it comes to jewelery )

    then what we can say about a 1x speed ?! :(