Provincie 42 - 18.11.20

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    Ave Gladiators!

    On 18.11.2020 we will open a new server: CZ42 with speed 2x.

    Soon* after the new servers are online a special microevent ONLY for them will be set up and will run until 21.11.2020):

    • 50% more exp. points,
    • 40% more gold on expedition,
    • 50% faster regeneration of exp points,
    • -20% training costs

    *Please note that the microevent won't be active at the same moment when servers appear online, but will appear at some point after that.

    Kind regards

    Gladiatus Team


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]