New servers - 18.11.2020

  • Ave Gladiators!

    On Wednesday, 18th November 2020 new servers will join the family of Gladiatus United Kingdom and Gladiatus United States!

    The servers will have the following characteristics:

    • Community: EN/UK
    • Number: 40
    • Speed: x4
    • Community: US
    • Number: 27
    • Speed: x2

    Additionally this server will get a special microevent that will start at some point once the server is opened and will run until 21.11.2020 (23:59 server time)

    • 50% more exp. points,
    • 40% more gold on expedition,
    • 50% faster regen of exp points,
    • -20% training costs

    Once available you will be able to access the server via the lobby (EN/UK) or lobby (US)

    Have fun and and may the Gods be in your favour!

    Kind Regards,

    Your Gladiatus Team.