Once in the month melting event ?!?

  • my suggestion is one in the month to have event for reducing the time for melting items !
    ussually this event is with active with reducing forgening time but i am 100 % every one will agree with me 2 days with reduced time for melting will be very very good !

    Reason :
    many active players try to raise level fast and they play only first UW suit or normal one. Which is generating a lot of pink orange and may sometimes red items ( i am speaking generally over 130 lvl) and they cant melt all this items and need to repack repack until one day they forget to repack and get gold --- which is stupid because after your hero is on max stats NO BUDDY GIVE A F... FOR THE GOLD

    So like there is event for 20 % reducing the cost of training every 30 days will be very good to have 2 days event for 50 % reducing melting time !!!

    cheers !!!