Blacksmith not working

  • Hi all,

    Recently i have put in the work menu my account to do the thread for master blacksmith and single blacksmith, the issue is that the job begins to count down (12 or 6 hours) but after the timer burns up there's no "upgrade bonus" (no armor recovery for all/any doll) and no message that the job finished, but i lost my 3 work clothings and time waiting for it in the cases it should be used.

    seems is a backbone problem because i have cleaned up my cache twice and deleted all the cookies.

    there's a small screen in between the hours the job finshed message was expected but never appeared (around 4 AM server time).

  • I have had this very same issue and reported it to the support team. First I was told that the feature works as intended, that there is only a chance for the reward to be given out. When I complained and wanted my feedback to be passed on, I got put in contact with another support member who initially did not believe me, but I was able to convince them in the end. The issue was reported to dev with no estimate on hotfix delivery (if it will ever be fixed...).

    Here is what you need to do, send the screenshots to support afterwards:

    screenshots showing durability of

    * 2 items on you main character,

    * 2 on your clone (aka dungeon character)

    * 2 on one of the mercenaries

    right after the work as Master Blacksmith started and another set of the screenshots after the work was finished. All screenshots need to clearly show the date and time stamps of when they were taken and that no addons of any sorts were being used.