Czech translation of enemies in the dungeon Lost Port - Poisoned Country

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    • Exact text content that needs to be corrected: "Znič Mokele, které číhá v troskách domu na svou kořist" and "Poraz nemrtvého rybáře" (translates to "Defeat Mokele, which is waiting in the ruins of the house for his prey" and "Defeat an undead fisherman")
    • Game version: 4.0.1-pl1
    • Point in the game where it appears: Dungeon in Lost port (Ztracený přístav) - Poisoned country (Otrávená země)
    • What exactly should be changed: The text indicates having to defeat a single unit, while all have to defeated. The text should read "Znič Mokele, která číhají v troskách ..." and "Poraz nemrtvé rybáře" (translates to "Defeat Mokele, who are waiting in the ruins..." and "Defeat undead fishermen"). For absolute clarity, "all" could be added: ""Znič všechna Mokele, která číhají v troskách ..." and "Poraz všechny nemrtvé rybáře" (translates to "Defeat all Mokele, who are waiting in the ruins..." and "Defeat all undead fishermen".
  • Good job mate, but I doubt it'll make any change. There are so many mistakes and some of them even more apparent. Hard to say, if no one reported it, or, even worse, no one noticed it. Just a brief look in the Panteon where you can see descriptions of quests. E. g. "Circus Turma: Vyhraj 4 bitev, které zlepší Tvou pozici nebo vyhraj bitvy v Circus Provinciaru" Czech language has 2 different plurals of nouns depending on the amount. They are 2,3,4 "bitvy" and from 5 onwards it is "bitev". The same mistake occurs in scoresheets. Fame and honour don't use any numerativ, while experience does. I never really understood, what is the meaning of "Z odměny vítěze: 1.814 res2.gif" so I can't even say what is the mistake in there. The last example, not the last mistake, as they are countless mistakes all over the game and i doubt there is just one page without them, will be the name of level 130 expeditions. The area calls "Lední pevnost". Is it the fort, where is the ice hiding, or is it the fort, which belongs to the ice? Questions and more questions.

    I personally thought, that mistakes are ignored, otherwise, at least the worst of them, will be fixed by now. I just gave a few examples, as the mistakes are everywhere, not just in descriptions no one reads. "Jít do Circus Turma"

  • Yeah I agree, this one thing just bothered me enough to actually make a post... The translations you mentioned (except for "Z odměny vítěze: 1.814 res2.gif) are wrong, but you can kinda get the meaning of them. The stuff I mentioned in the original post were outright confusing to me, to the point where I made the post. I don't really expect it to change anyways..

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