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  • Hi, i m playing at turkish server and online user count is approximately 100-150 at new server. I think its same with another countries' servers. So why gladiatus is not opening an international server for all those countries and then we can play with over 1000 players at the same time. This game is about to forgetten. So make new inovation for us.

    am i right ?

  • Every country's servers are dead maybe except Turkish.

    Only international servers could make it interesting for us,

    It isn't that challenging with 30-40 players online.

  • I have seen some players come and go in my past, friends who have gone I tried to stop in the game, now I am slowly becoming one of the players who say goodbye with level 186 .. since 2015 I have had some updates or renewals in the game experienced, there were some very well thought out and really good innovations in the game, in the end most players around the world also thanked the team players, the Gameforge ..

    but for a long time we have become players all over the world, unfortunately let down by Gameforge .. everything has become monotonous, a lot has been screwed down, myself like many other players at my level, no longer see any real goals in the game, except the ranking maybe .. so everything is just about the ranking, experience points .. click click click without thinking about what you could forge about items in the future, because up there is the end .. there are no better scrolls anymore, man can no longer reinforce at some point because everyone plays with the same items, through all the events where you earn a lot of gold and training buff 20% event .. even every player plays with full skill, at least the passionate players who invest a lot of time every day. .

    We or some players on the German platform have even tried according to the forum in cooperation with many other passionate Gladiatus players around the world to present new ideas, wishes, suggestions for Gameforge

    These ideas, advice, wishes can still be read according to the forum ..

    and what is implemented? Nothing ...

    no information on how to proceed in future in Gladiatus.

    Team players are not allowed to reveal anything, we are told and Gameforge itself has no ideas otherwise we would have been informed long ago.

    there can be no lack of money or lack of money, I myself know enough players who invest properly and even regularly in the game and only in the province of Germany.

    I don't know what to write or what to write, but I think every Gladiatus fan in the world understands me ..

    it's sad, you have been playing a game with passion for so many years and at some point it just stops, although you could still do so much with Gladiatus.

    I personally feel let down by Gameforge in the game Gladiatus and I'm too sorry or let's say I'm too sorry for the time to make senseless clicks in the game that achieve nothing but experience points, I'd rather admit that Now that I see that nothing is done in the game, as if I struggle in the game for another weeks or months, for nothing ..

    At this point I greet all passionate Gladiatus players all over the world, I suffer with you.

  • I just made a post, Game on server 33- from Brazil
    I'm level 179
    and I'm stopping playing.
    for the same reasons that you practically

    O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

  • Hello everyone i already his good time I find offensive it I received cold warmth for him and disadvantage; good to see that others' eye starts opening!

    Mainly, that certain frequented servers feature (5x) it 1% with successfulness produced Quintas inferno already with 157 levels at the first try while the normal more than onto 300 tests success 0!

    I agree with all of your words!

    sorry I wrote with a web translator

    Hello everyone.

    I’ve been saying it for years now but only received negativity and disadvantages. I’m glad to see others are starting to pick up on it too.

    It’s mainly on speed servers (5x), with all the quintas infernos forged on 1% success rate.. Making it on the first attempt on level 157...

    While normal servers try 300 times and still fail..

    I agree with everything you said!

    Ajuste de velocidad de los servidores normales

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