Dungeon for lvl 95-102

  • Hello,

    I'm a lvl 98 player and find it very strange that there is such a large gap in dungeons between lvl 92 and 102. That's why my suggestion is to create an Advanced dungeon for the Mysterious Laboratory which will open from 97(5 levels after Sasama's last journey and 5 levels before Externsteine).

    Here are my reasons:

    Since after lvl 90, leveling becomes so slow that you are able to catch up to the stats of the bosses quite quickly and be able to farm them effectively, so it is really boring to farm the High Shaman in Africa for 8 levels already.

    At lvl 95 another expedition in Germany becomes available, and it's a great shame that we don't get to farm it more, because the boss there (Black Knight) is really cool and has given me some awesome drops. Not to mention that with Eagle Eyes I am able to farm Talzewurm (the boss of Mine, which becomes available after lvl 100).

    Since the upgrade in drops from High Shaman to Talze is so big, right now I am forced to farm the Mysterious Laboratory, which is honestly a waste of dungeon points.

    I know that many people love the Mysterious Laboratory (Myself included), since it was a perfect way to start dungeon only farming in Germany at lvl 80. I did this until I was lvl 84 and was able to beat Papa Sasama.

    I'm not asking for a completely new Dungeon, just a reskin of the old one with higher lvl opponents and better drops.


  • I doubt that it can happen. They even built Britannia without Dungeons, so a Dungeon of lv97 seems like a no-go for GF