The underworld

  • The cooldown for the underworld by 5 days on normal server is quite a planing for the events

    I also play on the German 201 server with 5xspeed so it would be 1 day cooldaown there of course

    A suggestion, maybe change the cooldown on the normal server to 3 days or 2,5 day (half time for todays game)

    I think it would be more fun to play on the normal server then.


  • Hmm...great suggestion...NOT

    I am trying to get it better for those who plays

    on normal server

    a days cooldown on the speedserver is quite nice

    But there is a lot of things GF should do to make the game better

  • I think what you really want is to make a normal speed server become an x2.
    That would be an easier change for GF to make.