Forum link

  • in game you click on link Forum to end up on old forum and there is no obvious message to say , this is old go to new with a link

    So why not change link in game to new forum ? And set a link here to old forum .

    No confusion anymore and so easy

  • Hi there!

    As Sorky mentioned and just to leave it here too: In-game links (such as the Forum/Changelogs) will be updated eventually. This was reported already but sadly it isn't something that can be changed as fast as we would like ^^



  • Hello everyone,

    Just leaving an update here on this matter: Forum and changelog links have been updated in-game.

    Everything should be correct but if you find any problems (like wrong links) please let your Game Team know about that :-)

    Since this has been done, I'll close this thread. If the OP feels like I should re-open it, please let me know via Conversation.

    Thanks everyone!