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    Vorschlag für möglich Micro Events

    10-20% drop Chance besser Qualität Stufe des items

    20-30% mehr Güter in der Schmelze

    10% Chance beim schmieden besser Qualität Stufe

    10-20% Güter Nachlass beim schmieden

    10% Chance ein seelenspigel zu dropen

  • A very good change would be the events like what we currently have - it's terrible. Perhaps making it so this type of event would have a higher chance of finding orange/red drops would be good, orange and red drops with good prefix/suffix not just random items, maybe the materials which are rare in high quality as well? I know I would spend rubies to attack monsters that way, lol

    It also needs to be modified because on S201 it seems to be impossible to finish. But increasing the chances of good, high quality item drops would make this event worth playing.


  • Ein neues Gildengebäude kann hinzugefügt werden, wobei jedes Level die Chance auf Schmieden um% erhöht.

  • Dungeon Drops bzw Items , vielleicht mal etwas interessanter machen zwischendurch , Warum nicht mal ein roter Drop

    gelegntlich beim Boss im ( Dungeon ) ?

    So hätte man bestimmt wieder mehr Lust / Anreiz Dungeons zu spielen ohne müde zu werden.. vor allem bei einem Dungeon Event

    könnte dann so aussehen :)

    1. Dungeon drops or items, maybe a little more interesting in between, why not a red drop
    2. Occasionally with the boss in the (dungeon)?
    3. So you would definitely have more desire / incentive to play dungeons without getting tired .. especially at a dungeon event
    4. could look like this :)

  • Hey, i come here from France to enhance some suggestions i saw in this topic.

    I believe that Gladiatus could be way more fun at the moment, and could see his community growing by hundred and even thousands of old and new players if new functionalities were implemented.

    First of all, the first one that comes to my mind is obviously dungeons after level 120+.

    Then :

    - New color (that would reinvent the whole strategy for almost all high levels, and the gameforge would get a lof of profit => Player will forge new items with this new color, and would buy a lot of tools.

    - New items (no need to explain), it would also be a great update and would bring back a lot of bored players who left this game.

    - New zone (like britania). That would bring some adventure to bored players who always click on the same thing between 120 and 130, 130 and 140 etc

    - And FINALLY one of the most important thing I guess would be an international arena where we could fight, exactly as the provinciarum today, but between all countries. Imagine how players would be excited with this new challenge, that would bring back the pleasure to steal gold from players, and would always force them to improve their stuff./Stats etc to be the best gladiator in the arena.

    I am sorry if I made mistakes, this is not my main language, but anyway, i hope you get it, and i REALLY hope that someday, we will have one of these features or maybe all of these, i would be the first to pay more rubies in order to be more competitive in this game :D

    "Ce que l'on fait dans sa vie résonne pour l'éternité."

  • :-) I guess would be an international arena where we could fight, exactly as the provinciarum today, but between all countries. Imagine how players would be excited with this new challenge, that would bring back the pleasure to steal gold from players, and would always force them to improve their stuff./Stats etc to be the best gladiator in the arena.

    in this game u can beat your best gladiator with 0 problems :) why? bcs CT and arena didnt work well, there is no reason be best gladiator when u get rip from others little players who use purprple items and beat you with red items :)

  • In der Schmiede Die Stufe der Item´s mal bis stufe 20+ gehen und nicht wie bei zß Ringen & Amus +1

    und auch dest größer die stufe dann auch schaden rüstung Kritsche Block anpassen


    dann sollten ab Stufe 160 Die Bosse angepasst werden es kann doch nicht sein das

    der 160er Boss 400 schaden mehr hat wie der 150 wo da ja nicht grade ein große stufe unterschied ist das ist einfach nur Krank

    wir können kein Block 50 erreichen 2 die Rüstung schaden auch nicht und dann hat der boss noch 40%+ Block das passt vor und hinten nicht


  • Schriftrolle Präfix das würde ich vorschlagen

    Schaden +18++

    Rüstung +1000++

    Kritische Angriffswertung +120

    Blockwertung +120

    Abhärtungswertung +60

    das würde ungemein im Spiel schon weiter helfen allen schon gegen Die Boss ab stufe 160

  • Ach...und noch 2 Bemerkungen, die hier irgendwie scheinbar noch nicht thematisiert wurden (oder ich habe sie überlesen):

    a) Stoppt doch endlich mal effektiv die zahlreichen Multis -selbst ohne die Proxis, die - zugegeben- schwer zu handhaben sind, rennen da genug Multis auf den unterschiedlichen Servern herum. Diese wirklich "dingfest zu machen" erfordert sicherlich "manpower", aber die sollte man schon investieren, um den Spielspaß der echten Gamer irgendwie zu erhalten.

    b) Wenn man die (fragwürdige) Freigabe des "Pushens" schon nicht generell rückgängig machen kann/will, dann doch bitte wieder sinnvolle "Kampfbegrenzungen" einführen. Mehr als 5 Atts/Tag sind nicht erlaubt, aber es ist okay, dass ein Lev. 90er einen Lev. 10er plättet, damit ein Lev. 11er (egal ob "Kollege" oder Multi) dann "gewinnen kann"? Welche"Logik" soll dahinterstecken???

  • A player from Turkey opened a topic a year ago but, has been archived. I liked the examples a lot, but I didn't understand why it was deleted. If they are going to archive these ideas, does it make sense to write?


  • Thema Malefica

    bei Maleficas folgen item´s einbinden

    wie zß

    Centurio Münze

    für alle Pakte auch so eine Münze

    und alle Pakte Splitten wie schon oben beschrieben

    die man alle für Rubine erwerben kann und die man

    später auch in Markt verkaufen darf


    denn man für Rubine erwerben kann, wo man Gold einzahlen (einmalig) kann und später einfach zum Händler geben und bekommt denn ganz Betrag

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  • I will also bring some input from my point of the game, here comes some changes I think would do some Good :)

    *Merge to worldwide servers (seperate normal, x2 etc) or att least into Europe, Asus etc

    *Dungeons for highlevel

    *Some new attributs to items for example: chance to stun, chance to hit enemy doctor, chance to hit more then one enemy etc

    *Improve ah, market

    *Change the training limit I have been maxed out sence 2017, starting to get boring 😂

    *New guild building for example decrease the colddown for the underworld

    *Event bonus and prices change

    Sorry I'm from Sweden and I haven't study english for over 15 years so it might not be 100procent correct and my autocorrect is set to Swedish but I think you will understand :)

  • Accelerating standard servers, more accurate forging capabilities, mercenary development,
    simplify packing faster and with longer time intervals, better ruby prices, new casemate areas, more varied events with daily bonus and casemate, red item etc.

  • Una sugerencia sería tener un mercado de entre todos los servidores en el mismo país, un mercado "global" entre todos los servidores.

    Auf Deutsch

    Ein Vorschlag wäre, einen Markt unter allen Servern im selben Land zu haben, einen "globalen" Markt unter allen Servern

  • Merge all servers in europe

    normal speed as 4 server, divide europe in 4 same big sizes

    with the same amout of players

    2x speed as one server

    5xspeed as one server

    Then you got 6 european servers, with different speed

    The normal servers are set to 4 servers because there´s a lot of them.

    more nomal servers than speedserver

    what do Gameforge have to loose on it

    arena and turma provinciarum based on the same dividing as the normal server(4 of them)

    but only the active players that have been online for the last month

    on their player, or else the disapear on the proviciarum

    Maybe construate a new world arena and turma

    there the whole worlds players are in

    The only thing to create as well is

    on the player a map(national flag) from which country they play from

    and mayby with languages they speak