After 20 lvl

  • Hello, i have played Gladiatus for few times in last few years and i always end with playing at the same time. at around 25lvl.

    i really really really love gladiatus at first steps when you start, kill some mobs, take some missions, explore new shops, trade with other players, killing other players and many more

    1-10 lvl = its really one of the best games

    after 10 lvl its still good, because you can get warriors to circus thuma so you still have some things to do in this game

    so 10-20 is still good game

    BUT after 20 lvl

    i always have the same problem... monotony and routine

    after lvl 20 i just do same things all the time = trying to get better, so i try to buy better and better items on auction and killing only new mobs every few lvls

    but thats it... theres nothing more to explore

    you know i mean when im lvl 20, i have full set of armor like sword 30 damage, so i try to buy sword with 32 damage

    but whats fun in that? there are only few graphic effects of every item in gladiatus

    like 5-10 swords/axes

    so if im lvl 20 and i have 30 damage sword

    so i hunt some mobs and get 21 lvl then buy 32 damage sword, but it even can have same graphic like my old sword... just little better stats

    same is with mobs

    lvl 20 i hunt some mobs like Bear

    lvl 21 still bear because im not strong enough to kill something better

    and i just do same things for few lvls

    then i can kill better monster

    but i will still do the same things!

    ok so as i said, i have played gladiatus for around 5 times in last 5 years, but i always stop playing at around 25lvl

    and i really love playing this game since lvl 1 to lvl 20

    but after that i just cant play it... its so boring...

    is it only me or you guys have same problem?

    are there any plans to upgrade this game, so after lvl 20 it still can be entertaining game?

    i dont know what should be changed / upgraded, but in my opinion first step should be more more more graphic of equipped items

    instead have only 5-10 graphic of sword / axe / club etc

    i think there should be other graphic for higher lvls

    i mean lvl 1-10 bad/weak looking equipped items ( sword, armors , shield etc etc)

    lvl 10-20 better looking

    20-30 even better

    etc, etc

    when i look at big lvls like 70-80 and i see that they have same looking sword/mace like me, when im lvl 20, i feel bored :P

    thanks for reading and i hope there will be some cool news so i can play this game for long time!

  • Well, it is a brower game, so it is a lot of clicking, yeah. But There's events - costume and like the one we have now.

    and few more events

    And then there's the hunt for materials to make you own gear.

    After lvl 100 you have the underworld...

    Not that i'm espesially good at my lvl, but my weapon is NOTHING like yours, even though they might look the same. And I have made it myself


  • Hello and thanks for the answer!

    ok so:

    a lot of clicking is ok for me. its not a problem

    yea i know about costumes, events, new materials to make own gear etc. but sadly entertaining events arent so often i believe.

    and making own GOOD gear gives only "fun" when you do it for few first times, and after that its boring too because as many things in this game is just next routine...

    at first i make sword with 30 damage

    then i make sword with 35 damage

    then 40 damage

    etc etc... thats another routine and monotony thing

    lvl 100 even on speed rate server is not my target... i have never had lvl 40 because i just get bored...

    "Not that i'm espesially good at my lvl, but my weapon is NOTHING like yours, even though they might look the same. And I have made it myself"

    of course you are right, that your weapon is 1000x better than mine on lvl 20

    but thats not a point!

    the most boring part of the game (in my opinion) is that when you are lvl 20 and you have a sword with stats : 30 damage + 2 int,

    so my mission is to be better so i need to find / make / buy better gear to be stronger

    but i really dont find fun doing all the time same things and get same looking weapon just with 2 damage more

    after 50 lvls i still can have same looking weapon, but instead 30 damage + 2 int, it will have 150 damage + 10 int + 10 str + 10 cha

    the only difference between lvl 20 and lvl 80 is numbers on your gear...

    i can have exactly same looking gear like you but instead +2 int you will have +200 int


    to be clear, i mean, that after 20 lvl you just do same things all the time...

    you kill the same mobs, and every few lvl you change for another one but for next few lvls you will still kill only 1 type of mob

    you try to upgrade your gear to be stronger = instead 30 damage sword , you get 32 damage sword.

    and after doing these things for some time i start to think: will i have to do all these same things to lvl 80? but instead killing bear i kill zombie? on lvl 80 i will have same looking sword like now, but the numbers will be higher?

    after that i always quit the game...

    maybe its just game not for me, who knows, but i really cant find fun playing after 20 lvl...

    and also another thing i miss in this game is


    i always wanted to be some kind of unique in some ways, but i think its impossible in gladiatus.

    for example, there are like 6 skills: strength, evade, fight skill, int , charisma, body building (dont remember exact names...)

    and if im not wrong, only 2 skills are important = evade and fight skill(i think its called "weapon ability")

    and without training both of them, I CANT be strong

    i mean, every player in gladiatus just have many skills in evade and fight skill, but other skills are just "helping skills"

    i really dont need much charisma and strength to win a fight if i have many skills in evade and fight skill,

    but if i would have many skills in charisma and strength and quite low skills in evade and fight skill, i will never win a fight

    if i would like to be really tanky and skill only evade and body building and maybe strength so it will gives me nothing, because i will not hit enemy because i lack in weapon ability skill

    and if i would like to be strong in hitting, but weak in defense, and skill only weapon ability, so even if i have 100 weapon ability and enemy only 60

    so i will lose, because he has skills in evade

    my point is that, i cant be unique at all... every player in gladiatus just have to train mainly evade and weapon ability and other skills are trained only because they are cheap

    another example is costumes

    the game forces me to wear costume/outfit with the best buffs, but not costume i enjoy the most...

    also there are really only small amount of costumes/outfit, and they arent event customizable... i can just wear costume and get buffs. thats it

    wouldnt it be better to have ability to customize them? for example i could have some robe/cloak from some costume, and helmet/hat from other

    costume.. etc etc

    remember, its only my opinion, but when i look at high lvl players i dont see any difference... they are all the same with just little difference in numbers on their gear

    thanks if you have read whole post!

  • Hmm to be honest: I think you should accept that this is not the right game for you. I would understand you a bit if you would talk about level 90-100 (because in this level area the game is really boring in my opinion) but if you are already bored on level 20-25 (on a speedserver one day playtime...) this is not the right type of game for you.

    Try something else ;) thats not a shame ;)