zargash,frankestein,papa sasama bosses

  • Im currently level 82 on the s35 server of UK,zargash is obviously a beast and more difficult than frankenstein and papa sasama is even harder,although right now im able to kill frankenstein in 1/2 of our battles,is it even worth going back to zargash?I've seen in Skarsburning's guide that you need to be 86 lvl to farm zargash(gear wise of course) but frankenstein is easier even though he's at a higher level.Travelling is just 7 minutes so I can just go back and forth in Africa and Germania,thing is,is it worth going for Zargash later on when I'm able to beat him or i should just farm Frankenstein until Shetu boss unlocks?

  • Dungeons are of secondary importance compared to the expeditions. At level 80 you should be farming Slave Merchant with ease (given that you have surpassed the 10k armor barrier). What's best for you would be that you attempt the Papa Sasama dungeon and simply restart the dungeon every time you can't get further. For example, once you get to Papa Sasama, quit the dungeon and re-enter and start over. Keep doing this until you think you can beat him or move onto the 86 dungeon.