Costume event

  • i'e set 3 clock alarms for this....

    now thats a widepeepoSad

    actually ruins so many nights of peoples sleep and as im in an active guild, alrdy people saying theyre gonna leave the game for good cuz of being fooled like this ....

  • monkaHmmm wonder if they can reroll our situation, like gold and shit, into what we had .... its a game of numbers in the interwebz, devs should be able to do it :P ...... monkaHmmm

  • Nice, I wasted runes and no costumes... And then got frustrated and started the forging process. Can't wait for them to enable runes during the event... And keep in mind I started the forging process with 80+ chances, can't wait for items to fail as well. I gave this disappointment of a company way to many chances. If one important item fails I'm done this time, I'm playing on a dead server and it looks like those greedy people at GF are trying to make it even worse.

  • okay so, heres my lowdown, making it short now, perhaps a lengthier monologue later on.

    its been 11 hours (from D-Day) and no answer from staff, they saw from other servers and knew its happening, and noone gave a notice, not a single staff member says a word to us.

    to me that shows, staff doesnt care !

    theres enough members in staff and surely there was a random GO in discord or where-ever getting/sharing information (or atleast seeing this happening elsewhere). i cant understand why there was no info from anyone.

    so im gonna take my account for a break for an indefinite amount of time, too bad cuz i was rly close to maxing charisma as 4th stats, wouldve been nice to take a break after that. now apparently, UNLESS they can figure out a compensation of all that they managed to mess up, im going on a pause right away, cba to bother myself further with administration like this.

    this is my current 5 cents, lets see what is going to go down further .....

  • This was posted by Coma a few hours ago in a different thread about the same subject:




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  • Nightmare already responded to it in another thread =

    Just a quick info: the reports about the event problems have been already forwarded to the department responsible for the events in Gladiatus.

    We are now awaiting their reply & decision what will be done in order to fix the issue.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.

    we cant tell you anything untill the team gets the info themselfs

  • thx guys for promptly replying to my whine :)

    appreciate it !


    actually the reason im whining is, as we expected the costume fest, some of us activated our pumpkins/bunnies, i had 7 pumpkins, got the training discount on the 7th, i have no more pumpkins nor bunnies
    using them was like, "what if i dont use them", what then ..... i refreshed forum every 20 seconds waiting .....

    and by the moment i alrdy used the pumpkins, i was forced to throw all the gold in aswell .....

    what i mean is, when theres a problem, we dont need no dev lvl explanation, we would just like to know in advance, there is issues, plz stand by ! (alas: we cant use the discount we were promised !)

    thats all, we would just like someone with authority to confirm, WAIT ! cuz u cant have what u were promised ! so just wait, and i would gladly wait, im sure everyone would gladly wait, were all experiencing difficulties so its nothing special, its understandable !

    i just dont like the fact noone said anything, im not pointing fingers, lots of games, lots of work, im just saying, in future plz let us know when s%&/ hits the fan, so we know to hold on with out horses ......

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  • From German forum not sure when or if it will happen on US or .COM

    Ave gladiators!

    Due to a mistake on our side the costume party was not started at the announced time.

    We are currently working on the refund of items (snowballs, bunnies, etc.) that were consumed for the start of the costume party.

    However, this is not possible before the weekend.

    For this reason, we are expected to reactivate the Nile event on Monday, 19.08.2019 for 24 hours and start the costume event on Tuesday, 20.08.2019 at midnight.

    In the meantime we will start a microevent over the weekend. The following buffs are included in this microevent:

  • Unless GF takes the high road and reimburse those players that suffered the consequences of GF's own failure, then irreparable damage is done which impact will be everlasting.

    Needless to state that GF failed to deliver a contractual promise and commitment that they announced and thus agreed to, and based on GF's commitment to start the event on August 15th, many players were inticed to spend real money in preparation for said event.

    I already spent exactly 500 million Gold training at 60% discount when I should have legitemately trained at 80% discount. A serious amount of real money $$$ was spent in order to get the 500 million gold saved for this event.

    Should GF reimburse me the 20% difference in Gold? the answer is absolutely yes!

    Will GF do the right thing and reimburse me either in gold (or in real money in case it is impossible for them to reimburse the gold...)? this is yet to be seen.

    Until then, I will give GF the benefit of the doubt and assume they will do the right thing and honor both their commitment and obligation towards me and the community at large.

  • they shoul give triple event 20%discont +event 1.5%luck + outfits, but there are people how lost gold in packs and training with 60%discont