With this change i have lost 2 different servers and 4 players. and S16 keeps giving error 500 no matter what browser

  • I have been playing the game since S5 and now its really messed up. with this new change I have lost all my glads on S18 and S19 and the 4 i have on S16 i get an error 500 no matter what browser i try. I have cleare cache and tried on a couple of different machines but i get the same thing. i know its down to like 25 people but im one them and would still like to play my glads on the servers i was on? :/:SX/

  • i have lost my Server30 account, wich wasn´t registrated after i confirmed my email-adress.

    And my friend Lethal also has lost his account and quit the game. He was writing to the support but hasn´t got any response.

    The crazy thing is, that he was able to login to his player-account, but got alltime the message that his email-adress is still not confirmed.

    So he can watch with his own eyes, how he´s getting attacked and looted nonstop.

    How it should be possible to login to a account what isn´t confirmed???

    I´am loosing my friends and teammates, who was playing this game since the beginning.

  • u can log in, u just cant do anything, until u confirm the registration through email, always been like this, and now with the lobby update, aswell, u need ur email.

    this update was shown and highlighted a lot within the game and everywhere, if people still kept email connected to their account which theyre not using, shit happens.

    tho it would be nice of the higher-ups if it was possible to, when uve been offline for a long time and havent physically seen this lobby update, to login once and change ur email to a fresh one ....

    other then that, using an email here that ur using daily is not rocket science, its doable for literally any person not suffering autism or other serious diseases .....

    so yeah, when ur head is on ur shoulders, just read the news and act accordingly (players who have played from beginning r also in that category