Buggy Lobby - Play button open new lobby window

  • Hi, after the lobby was released, I added my accounts, but now 2 of my 4 account do not work.

    Every time I click their "Play" button a new lobby window opens.

    My accounts are on 28-en and 4-gr, both players named DarkThanos.

  • I have exact same problem ... i managed to add my dutch gladiatus game to the lobby after 80 miutes of pain and grief

    it seems to work ... i havent logged out yet and re logged in to check if it still works...

    This lobby is wasting time, time i could have been playing games

    Anyway.... how do i add the 201 DE server to the lobby ? i want to play my 5x speed German server account :D

    I use the same name: Ferite Mortali

  • Hi all,

    Since we cannot help with account related issues in the forums, please if any of you has issues with their lobby/game accounts contact with the Support Team of the server the account belongs to, that way the team will be able to do the proper checks and forward your issues/guide you if needed.

    Thread closed since this has to be handled via Support System.