Black Items

  • I have a suggestion and that would be to present Black items as highest tier. Red Items I feel, especially on speed x5 is to easy to make/get. Just look around, people in early lvl 100 already have them. In normal speed it's another thing and much harder to get the resourcers of course. But on speed x5 It's way to easy to get in touch with red items. Even just by doing the latest expedition boss in Britannia..

    Another "small" suggestion would be to have an high tier auction with red items because the auction house feels useless in terms of WAR. There is no auction war and the Auction house basically feels useless right now except from bid on Mercs.

    But mainly my suggestion would be to present Black items as the highest tier!

    / ^LOL on speed x5 s28 UK.


  • The only thing is would be how dead the servers are . Most players have condensed into one guild on each server so the auction battles might not be what you might think it will be . If they ever decide to merge say .US with .com then maybe there will be competition for a period of time. Auctions are pretty much useless except for the occasional mercs now then we would have people complaining about how the only ones who can get gear are ruby users and its unfair and hoe x5 servers are the only ones generation this gear more than the regular servers..

  • JudgeDread

    True, but the point is that if the adminstrators release this update with Black items and for example red items on the Auction House that would be the way for people that are inactive/play a little to get more active since there is something to grind for and play more actively for. Also I think the majority think it's fun and therefore will generally stay more active.