lopsided battles

  • Has anyone else noticed the arena battles are lopsided a bit? Im losing to people i have no business losing to . Have them best in stats .Armor and Damage yet they are able to do over 1k damage more than me . Seems it got worse in the past few weeks.

  • Well your opponent has nearly the same strength as you. If everything is normal you should loose round about 35-40% of the fights against him ;) ...but of course you can‘t make your conclusion after only 5-10 fights. Gladiatus is a game that is based on possibilities. In just a few fights everything can happen. That‘s totally normal

  • I can only repeat myself. Of course this opponent is way weaker than you. But this does not mean that you can‘t loose against him. Everything can happen. Otherwise nobody would win in lotto.

    ...but I‘m 100% sure if you show us 100 fights against this player you will win at least 90 fights. It doesn‘t make sense to show us only one report. One report is nothing. To make a good statement you need at least 50 fights against the same opponent.

  • The problem isnt can i lose the problem is its constantly . I can show all the battle report but there is no need . I lose 80% of the time and its only started in the past few weeks if anything the only thing that has changed is i have gotten stronger but that seems to have no bearing on the battles. Its not just attacks defending they do more damage.

  • Ive noticed the players actual blocking value , not chance to block a hit, seems to have big impact. Not sure if this helps, but it's given me some direction . This number isn't visible in the battle reports, it is listed in the armor statistics.

  • ive said it once ill say it again . We need more rounds in arena battles . Right now we have 50 rounds in the turma and only 15 in the arena with everything so close together in the higher levels 15 rounds isnt enough when you have 89% of the hits as misses .