DP4 - Veteran

  • Hey!

    Before my suggestion, i have to tell that, i am playing on a speed server. (5x) I have already spoken some players, who plays in normal server, and the difference between Speed-Normal server is terrible. My suggestion wont solve this problem, not a huge offer, but maybe a little step, to help this solve...

    My suggestion is : Make new clothing, the new mode in the underworld called: Veteran.

    It contains this bonuses

    Expedition points are restored when worn

    No loss of durability in expeditions

    5% Forge Item drop chance (forge helper, scroll, resource)

    +25% Forging Success

    -10% forge duration

    -50% SMELTING time

  • Good idea, but very difficult to implement.

    We could just change the current bonuses from DP2 as they are useless, especially past 120 lvl, noone will go back just to do dungeons so this might be a way to make us do DP2