Turma cross normal server vs speedserver

  • The problem is that in x5 servers for 1 month I can make enough gold to make maximum training

    And how will that magically happen ?? Speed glads don't get more gold / experience than others... That's exactly what i showed in this post.

    So no, we don't get full stats in 1 month on a speed serv. Nobody does. And if you think about it, you'd understand why. There's no magic gold income, even if we can make a lot of UW3, it still gives the same amount of xp than on speed 1, and its nothing a speed 1 can't do (given 5 x the time).

    There is no reason for that happening, and you haven't shown any. Yes, a lot of glads on speed servs are well-made and then train fast after 100... But that should be the case of any glad. If that's not your case, it's because you are making too many mistakes. By following proper methods, farming and spending your gold carefully (one guy here suggests only training on -40% for example), you end up max stats. And its not a question of speed.

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  • I never said that in speed servers you get more gold per battle. I already tryed to explain things very simple and if you still don't get it, no hard feelings but I will stop here because it seems you don't want to understand.

  • There is nothing to understand... You believe something without arguments to back it up. That's called belief, not rational thinking.

    So when I show you the opposite, you don't even try to counter my points, as you can't. You just close yourself in your beliefs.

    Many people live their life like this, so after all why not...
    But if you take the time to put your beliefs to doubt, and think back with no pre-made conclusions, you will understand what you refuse to accept now.

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  • I got nothing to accept. I play in x1 server and still I beat all players around me ( even all 10+ levels above me) in both arena and turma even in speed servers. I am not complaining about the speed servers but what you are saying is not true, we all know that speed servers have advantage(s). I already explained why but you are not countering my posts, you just say the same things in every post, written differently.

  • Lol. I answered, I think, every argument that has been made here. I told you I agree with the packages point, and I stated myself the Centurio issue.

    [Now that I think about it, you actually gain 5 times less items in a week compared to speed 5, so there's actually no additional cost ; but thats a detail.]

    If I repeat myself, it means you bring the same argument again; which is understandable as several people answered me here, makes sense that the same ideas come up several times. And those are wide-spread ideas as well.

    I just disagree, I'm trying to prove why and that's it.

    The reason between this attempt, is that this post originally meant that there was no fair competition possible between speed and slow servs. So by proving that we're all playing (almost) the same game, I want to express the opposite.

    Your own gladiator shows that it is true. And I myself, as a speed 4 player, lose to several excellent speed 1 glads, just because they spend the time and efforts to get there, like you probably did.

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  • The comparison Shegorath is making is correct; two players, one on a slow server and the other on a speed server, at the same level and similar training, will compete fairly against each other. I don't think anyone is arguing against that.

    But, that is where the comparison ends. The fact that speed server players level faster is an advantage in the arena, because it means they will have access to better mercs, higher stats, and higher level gear while the slower server players, while still doing everything else right (maxed stats, red gear) will still be inferior due to the lower level.

    There are many instances of that being an issue and I have had some personal experiences. It is tough because there is nothing a slower server player can do but watch the speed server opponents out-level them and beat them with higher stats and gear until of course they level high enough they no longer appear in the cross server arena or turma.

  • So your point is that speed players, because of faster growth, have a level advantage over slow players ? (With all the associated advantages that you stated)

    I don't think this is correct; I believe this has more to do with individual situation, and can be an advantage for slow or speed players depending on situation. Let me give you the example of my community, to show that it's not necessarily the case.

    The first servers were created just over 10 years ago. The first speed 5 was created in september 2017, 1 1/2 year ago. So those players should be at the stage of 7-8 years of play on slow servs.

    And you can see this on the ranking : the highest speed player is about lvl 140, 20 levels behind the leaders on slow servs.

    In fact, I think your point has to be extended to a simple 3-stage process.

    Let's say you're a character on slow speed, and we're looking at new speed players catching up.

    Step 1 : Your character on slow speed is higher level. You have already good stuff and mercenaries. The upcoming speed player are still lower level, and generally questionable equipment as they level up fast.

    This is where you have the advantage. At this stage, you can abuse new speed players (each time there is a new server you can use this stage).

    Step 2 : The speed players reach your level and get similar gear and training. It is an equal fight.

    Step 3 : This is the stage that you described. Speed players have reached a better level, and have the advantage. This is where it's tough, as you described.

    Then the player gets too high a level, and he disappears from your Provinciarum.

    Now if you take into account that there are new servers very often, you end up in this situation : in any given time, you can experience several steps at once. Players from, say, serv28 will be bashing your face; while s29 will be on equal level; and s30 can be abused by you at the same time.

    So I think it is a matter of using your strenghts, as the level issue can be in your favor too. When the speed player does get above you, I do agree that it's hard to do much (especially in Turma; arena is still so random that you will always have a shot).

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  • You must forgive Sheo's madness. He can't think straight without Jyggalag :p

    But seriously, stop hitting the nail with your fists, man. An x5 player may not make more gold per battle, but he can fight more often than an x1.

    It's simple math.


    I don't know exactly how fast is an x5 server, but let's assume the x5 timer is one minute without Centurion or Dis Pater Hard. Taking out of the equation the natural human slowness, time to grab food from packages and heal and etc. it's effectively 4 battles while an x1, with Centurion, can do just one.


    I'm an L131 and my battles reward me around 1.5~2k without raiding active gold from players. Let's take the smallest amount. While I make 1.5k every 5 minutes, the x5 of the scenario above make 6k. A player working IRL with a headset and GCA addon, attacking every time it "beeps" during an 8h period, makes almost 144k while the x5 above, under the same physical conditions, would make 576k.

    Isn't that a big advantage?

    What about if that x5 above activates Centurion? His 60s will reduce to 30s. That already doubles the incoming above. What if he uses Dis Pater Hard? Let me assume the time drops to 20s only and those 576k becomes roughly 1.5kk. Now extrapolates for a month. Can you see it now?

    I make from 50 to 100kk per month. An x5 on my shoes would make AT LEAST 150kk! And notice that I didn't even mention player raids.

    Forging & Melting

    Then there are the shorter smelting times. How do you get red gear? Forging (unless you're blessed to get a usable red loot). And how do you forge? With goods. And how do you get red goods? Melting items. Now think, how many items an x1 can smelt compared to an x5?

    And I'll go even further.


    How do you become capable of wearing on your main character a... let's see, a Gratius or Tiberius' of the Inferno? Levelling up to increase the limit. I make from 1~3 XP every 5 minutes. An x5 player will make at least 4 and up to 12 XP points. It's a little more, yes, but once again, extrapolate this.

  • My take on this is we have people that were playing on dead servers for so long with out competition and now have it and do not like it . Now they just cant sit and click but yet have someone hitting on them after all this time and scream that theres a disadvantage . Imagine if we did have a server merger this forum would explode like it use to with everyone crying fowl . I play on a 5x and have people 10-15 levels hitting on me from regular servers but yet not once do you see a speed server player complain about this . I also play on a regular speed server and get hit by speed server guys its a fighting game but everyone got use to not fighting..

    The fact is as we old school players use to say all the time PACK YOUR GOLD. They can only raid 5x per 24 hour period if your losing large amount of gold thats really on you now isnt it ?

  • Oh god, thread re-opened. I didn't even bother to answer the last post, it's ridiculous enough at this point. I've explained in depth (I think) the difference between speed and strength, that speed servs do things faster but not better.

    I'm not gonna repeat myself again, but basically magnusthorek 's post is making the same basic mistake. TL;DR, the genius that you are found out that speed servs get things faster (yipee); now you have to understand that it doesn't matter much. I've already explained why, go back to previous posts.

    I think the fact that you see XP as a positive thing just shows where you got it wrong :3

    And to go with JudgeDread, you didn't see me making a list of advantages speed 1 player have over high speed, and whining about it on every thread. I could, but that's childish. So we don't do it :)

    Now, if you're ready to enter discussion (that is, try to understand the other's arguments and acknowledge if he has a point), we could discuss in length and details the advantage of each case (old speed 1 and newer, high speed servs). But we would probably reach a simple conclusion : there's not a huge difference, and both have their edge over the other.

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