Training event

  • Does anyone know when we are getting another training event ? The last one was 11/15/2018

    I understand we just had a costume festival but not everyone has costumes that allow training with all the added events that have been going on 2 months seems like a long time with no training event added in the mix.


  • Trainingsevents comes as announced. They sometimes comes often, sometimes rarely.

    We've had these last year from June to November:

    There was one 24.11.2018, one 21.08.2018 31.07.2018, one 18.06.2018 (Keep in mind these are European dates, not US-styled dates)

    As you can see, none from August through November, but during the summer they were more frequent.

    When we get told to announce it in the board, we will announce it. Until then, everyone has to wait.




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  • Nobody know's.. that's atleast what we have been told many times.

    They send out info when they get it from game developers or the team or what ever they are called.

    I do really feel sry for you. I have a friend with the same problem.