Arena top 5 list

  • On the highscore page, next to Player - Dungeons - Guilds you should add "Arena" where someone will be able to select server and arena level (eg U.S. level 10-19) to see the top5 in Arena and Circus Turma. Reasoning behind this is, guilds looking for new members can easily find active/strong players that might want to join and its an additional motive for players to fight for the arena, since the current hourly bonus means next to nothing for high level players.

  • ...

    Go topscore -> last 7 days -> sort by victory's. Then you'll see the most active in arena. The best way to find grinders.

    Not sure If he is strong for his lvl? Check w/l ratio and check some others around the same lvl. It's kinda easy.

  • Im not sure Im following you. Your counter suggestion to "hey, make this game a bit more competitive" is "no need to make any changes, because there is already a way to do something"?

  • I just don't see what this suggestion of your's is gonna change.

    For the arena cross server part you can do that in crazyaddon app. It's basicly a fight done by the arena simulator.

    I'd love to get this game more competitive. I'm sure it never will be. Unless we get bigger regions.

  • Im making a suggestion as an improvement giving 2 reasons. You focusing on one of my points only, saying the obvious, that this was how guilds were always recruiting so we dont need such change. As I said, I cant particularly follow you and I believe you are only replying for the sake of it so let me stress this out once again. A level 100+ gets next to nothing being top1. Assuming the mentioned list goes where I said, people will be able to showcase their achievement of being arena champions for X time to whoever checks. For example I can/might go into > highscore > arenas and check the people there. Another reason that I just thought of is that implementing that could help people (mostly newcomers) plan ahead for their accounts item wise.