Account giveaway server 30

  • I seriously dont know.. when I was a GO.. people used to contact me for help with accounts. As far as I am aware.. its on your own risk.

    As far as I know.. you are not allowed to sell it to somebody and the T&C of Gameforge do not explicitly prohibit it, since T&C 2.9 says:


    The user account may not be transferred or made available to other parties without the consent of ‪Gameforge‬.

    With this post.. I have informed Gameforge.. and now they have to answer yes or no. But as a ex-GO and communicated to the players as well... the GO's do not take responsibility/gameforge does not take responsibility for transferring accounts.

    If its not allowed, I will just throw the account in delete mode.. now I am giving GF tthe opportunity to let somebody play with a nice account who might spend some extra bucks.

  • Yeh dont know.. the rules are vague and things never get fully explained.

    But I guess with something like this... we will have an answer tomorrow from one of the community managers :)

  • Hello

    We don't support any account exchanges/donations anymore, that not only means that the Team will not assist in such cases but also that you cannot use our platforms such as this forum to post that you wish to give away or exchange the account.

    The T&C state that:

    3.1.1 The user is obliged to keep his log-in data secret at all times. In particular the user is obliged to only use his log-in data within the ‪Gameforge‬ Services and to protect it from unauthorised third-party access.

    3.1.2 "Log-in data" is taken to mean the user's personal access data used to authenticate him and to preclude any use by unauthorised third parties. (...)

    3.1.4 Unless permitted under the Rules, the user is not entitled under any circumstances to use the log-in data of another user."

    Our Game Rules don't permit that, which means there is no consent for any exchanges/donations.

    Should players decide to carry exchanges/donations despite that, it means they do this on their own risk and accept the possible consequences of such actions.


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