• Could we make some items souldbounded even if we can't equip them, like protection equipment. I get quite a lot from expeditions which are already souldbounded, but i wonder if those dropped in dungens can be made souldbounded to stack with the others? This includes damage stones (permanent and time limited)

  • Only the way I found to reduce tiny amount of space is use soul bonded items first on equipment.

    Very rare occasion really good stuff could be cleared/cleaned with the mirror. (orange or red items for example)

    On the level 95 where my chapter is now I do not collecting any soul bonded stuff at all or keep them till next activity day/time and use them all with usual buffs.

  • For the limited time ones yes, but i was asking if something could be added to make them soulbounded.. Because when you change an item from a mercenary, you need to add a protection equipment minimum blue (for me) and can't find high levels ones so easy in auction house.