Restarting missions

  • We should be able to restart missions. For example on the shot as shown, there is no way i can get 7 wins in 34 mins (under normal circumstances) but I have to wait for the entire duration to timeout before I can restart it. Restart icon should always be next to cancel.


    • Untitled.png
  • yea can cancel it any time,and then accept it back again! ( that's kind a restart no?)

    Yes that is kinda of restart, except you then use your cool down. I guess Project is asking for restart without having to wait for the cooldown to run out to accept another one.


  • Canceling it and taking it again, is not a restart. It puts a cooldown on obtaining a new mission. Im talking about the yellow restart button that pops up in the place of the red X, when the timer runs out. Imagine playing with no centurion where this quest is to be done in 2 hours and 30 mins (I believe, cant really recall the exact time) and you miss couple of attacks. You gotta stay there for 2 more hours till it runs out, restart it and play for another 2 hours+