NEW suggestion: Passive mode in Provinciarum

  • I disagree too. just as someone of high level attacks you, you also attack other people with the level lower than yours, this is normal..

    If you think it is normal, i have some bad news for you...

    I just disagree with the suggestion, but of course they could balance the battles in the arena proviciarum a bit, but the gladiatus have bigger problems to solve, this is the least important ;)

  • Who cares if you get hit 30 times a day by someone higher they can only get 5 chances a day to actually raid you the rest is winners reward . Im sure your not hitting those below you in the prove arenas right ? All packs last for 7 days if your not able to keep your packs at least 3 days behind thats your issue . Do you think they should change the entire game because one player has personal issues and cant keep his gold packed? Because thats what it boils down to you have a issue keeping your gold packed so the entire game should stop until you have a chance to come back and play so you dont lose gold.

  • Okay But if you are lvl 108 and you get 10 attack from a lvl 122 player you think it is fair ? :DDD

    if you have max stats its still NOT enough

    Or you just have a big account thats why you dont like this suggestion ? :D

    No, but evidently it is difficult to understand.