UW battles

  • Hello

    As a player who's still far from entering the UW, I wrote this thread in order to gather some advice because in our community there is just TOO MUCH complaints about the UW, random battles and unexpected losses every now and then, it's just too frustating to lose a third of your UW points before even entering, when you can see such sights you just want to jump over this UW thing and continue with your typical dungeons and expeditions if you don't want to shut your nervous system.

    So I want some advice to win while losing as little as possible (even if I know that is hard as ascending the skies ...)

    And also if you have some screens of your battles I hope that you can put them here.

    Thank you :)

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  • Let's start with basics.

    Apollo - 10% of getting UW expedition point back.

    Dont forget your healing bonuses - there is more of them but i can't remember the names. They are to be used before entering UW and having your health at 100%

    Okay, as you'r pretty aware, the first ennemy is going to be an mirror image of you.

    You can change your weapon for a weaker one, when choosing a weapon make sure your dmg output is higher than what armor absorbs. This way the hits from mirror image will go to minimum and you will loose minimum amout of health.

    Every sort of bonus you put onto your gladiator - the mirror image will have too but not this one so feel free to abuse it for mirror.

    Once your past your mirror you can throw every bit of bottle bonus that you can think off.

    6 of them (1 per skill)

    6 of them (1 per skill)

    6 of them (1 per skill)

    and 6 of them (1 per skill)

    And of course them two:

    Last thing is remember to choose right costumes, your cooldown will be reseted once you beat Diss Pater so best choice of costiumes would be:

    You can choose healing or trying to farm items with the question marked costiume - choice is yours.

    **Forgot to mention. The way UW works is your opponents get their skills based on yours.

    From our observation and in easy words:

    Good EQ + shit stats = easy opponents

    Good EQ + good stats = strong opponents

  • Wow I really didn't expect all those advice, many thanks to you!

    I didn't understand a few things & I hope that you can explain them to me.

    - The third point about the damage output of weapons, if you have a stronger a weapon then you will have more chance to beat the mirror image?

    - The fourth point, the rank III favour of Apolo can be used by the mirror image too?

    Again, thank you for your help!

  • The numbers are going to be different depending on how much armor you have but:

    This is with my normal weapon, the mirror can deal from 1000 -> 3000 dmg per fight.

    Where with this purple 106 weapon

    It will deal x<700 dmg per fight.

    The stronger the weapon the stronger mirror image, the stronger mirror image the more HP you will loose for your UW so it's good to change it to weaker or take it off if your normal dmg outputs the armor.

    Never tried Apollo III as I usually have it on cd due to using II all the time but Diana III will only work on You and not the mirror image, i'll post img tomorrow of that.

    The guys are saying that it will only work on You too, i'll run all III tomorrow and take pic for you so you can see yourself.

  • Oh Thank you for your efforts!

    It's really a good news that the mirror can't get them so now at least we have more chance to pass this hurdle.

    Again thank you for your help!