About the exp point restoration

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    I have a suggestion and I think that you will really like it especially if you have a lot of exp points to spend.

    The thing is, now we can see when the next exp point will be restored, but we can't see when our exp points will be full.

    Like now with the microevent bonus, or with the underworld costume, you have A LOT of points and sometimes you don't even have the time to spend them all, so you say that you will go take a break or go to sleep and return when they're full.

    Imagine the restoration speed if you have your UW costume on coupled with the ME bonus, or even one of them ...

  • Are you just talking about making a timer that will tell us when the exp points will be full?

    I mean it's not that hard to count just look when you are going to get one back and work from there but yea it would save a bit of time.

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