Gladiatus Crazy Add-On

  • The option to delete forge materials is a Gladiatus feature.

    The "Gladiatus Crazy Addon" just keeps the UI you see clean by grouping options together (since players don't use them that much).

    I do uderstand why people don't use the "delete items" option... hehehe

    Why would anybody use that? But when it comes to the forge materials you also have the option to "sell all on this page"

    All other option can only be deleted - which is useless.

    It would have been great, if you could "sell all on this page" of items - like amuletts and rings etc ( espesially when we have a shot time limit training event) but also for the every day sell of items. I mean, it would be so much easier just to sell all on the page, than drag one and one item into the back pack, go to the shops and drag one and one into the shop... It would save you a crazy amount of time.

    You still have the option anyway to sell one and one to the shops ( if you use it for gold packing, for example)


  • restlesz I feel you, but this has to be implemented by the Gladiatus not the addon, since such a bot-like feature would be against the game's rules.
    Managing your packages is a big part of the game, thus I don't think they will ever implement such a feature in the game.

    But let me explain you why this "delete" exists.
    They just never removed it... it has to do with the last 2 big upgrades of the game.

    In the last update Horreum was added, before that we had to stack the materials on our bags and on our packets,

    so deleting forge materials that you had no space to save them was a thing... well, you could sell them too, but it was the same since their price is low.

    Also when the forge was added, the item stacking system was added too (if I remember correctly) so I guess they just added it during the development and left it there,

    they didn't know how people will handle the forge items.

  • is possible to add an exclusion filter in the packages?

    like, show all except ...

    is possible to implement the possibility of sorting by increasing or decreasing value of the packages?

  • Demon Well it is possible, but, in the way you describe it, it would not be usable and it would also increase the traffic to the server.
    Because to run the filter or the sorting, the extension would have to load all your packages pages from the server (this will cause traffic) and

    then process the item data to filter them or sort them. Thus, it can not be implemented in the way you describe.

    As a mater of fact, since packages filtering is needed, we have scripted for the next version a kind of packages page filter (disabled by default).

    You can, for example, set rules like "strength > 10%" and it will highlight you all the items on that package page that validate the rule.

    If you move to the next page, the filter is still on, until you clear the rules.

  • Any chance to make persistent notifications (similar to when you smelt an item) when Auctions reset?

    You can get this in the top right corner. Its not exactly the same as what you said, but still has the same purpose and it's more detailed :)

    It is turned off in the base settings of GCA, you can find it in the general settings, just after :

    Sorry for the french version ^^ I hope it's clear enough

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • Good god, the target list is so damn useful ! Thanks for the work

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • OH GOD! I LOVE IT!!!

    The colors in horreum Comes in as a very good second! :D

    Thank you so much.

    Hope the next update will do something about the messages about the auction.

    So we can choose whether we want the message that "You have won the auction"

    I don't need to get those, since I can see that I have got new packets.

    BUT! I NEED to know if somebody bids over me, and that's actually the only messages I want from the auction :)