Gladiatus Crazy Add-On

  • Gonna put that data ("smelter drop ranking") online this week.

    Im finishing n-th rewrite to make site completely translated (will need bunch of non-english translators tho). Charplanner should be rewritten today night. Resources gonna be fast one.

    Did I missunderstod this? About getting the amount of each material back? Or have you just been buzy :D


  • Had health problems for last 2 weeks. Spine aches - too much work in sitting position.

    Uploaded rewrite yesterday evening. (redoing charplanner from scratch was pain in the, but was worth it).

    Atm doing resources :)


  • WoW man! That's really good!

  • Love the addon, i've tried contributing by doing a bit of translating for the domain i play on :)

    I may be slightly out of the loop on whats to come and what is a WIP, but I have noticed ever since the last update, I can no longer see the amount of materials a item requires to craft, I can only see which materials are needed..

    I really liked seeing how many of which materials I will get, simply because I knew which items to smelt, and which aren't worth the time.

    As i've said, im not sure if this feature is in the works, or if it was removed due for some reason, would love to know what the status is on it.

  • Yeah I miss it A LOT, too. I have asked to get it back, and I thought we would get it back, but... Still not here. The reason it was taken away, - if I got it right - is because the amount of the different materials varies when combining different suffix - base - prefix and level. I was told the old version didn't tell us the right amount. I said it was okay - it still gave me an idea - as you said - whether it is worth the effort to melt it or not. If the items says it will need 2 of X to forge - I probably don't bother to melt it. But if it says that you need 5-10 or 20 of X to forge it, well, THEN I would melt it. I know I will never GET 5-10 or 20 of X, but it still tells me that I have a better chance to get some X, than with the item that uses 2 of X. So, Please... Pretty Please, let us get back the "not 100% correct" amount of materials :D


  • The feature is back, but it's in the beta version of the addon, which you can get from the GitHub repository of the addon.

    Download the repository, unzip it, and inside chrome, go to extensions, enable developer mode, disable your GCA, go to add extensions, and just set the path to the 'source' folder inside the downloaded zip, and you should have the beta build, with the amount of resources showing, and even in the correct number, thus far at least :)

  • Wow hehehe. Gotta see if I can find out to do all this. If I don't find out to do this, will it come back to the "normal" version at some point?

    Hmmmm... can't find the link. I have v4.2.0. And when I click on "Latest dev build 4.2.1-beta" nothing happens, except sending me to a new fan showing me

    version type


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  • Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Let me answer some questions.


    What happen to the "" site?

    The ".tk" are free domains provided from the "". We used it for many years without problems, but they unexpectedly unregistered the domain without notice and we now are not in control of it. It is now considered "special" domain and it is not free.

    Freenom lost our trust and we are not going to use them in the future. Also, since these domains are free, they are blocked by many services (for example on Facebook), but the "" was whitelisted on such services. We suspect that Freenom does the same thing to every domain that enters such a whitelist. Personally, I think something is not right with freenom and I consider them a scam.

    We expect the same thing may happen to the "" domain in the near future.


    Where is the new Gladiatus Crazy Addon site?

    The new site will be hosted at "" (the site is not ready yet). Also the simulator will be at "" (the tk domain works, but we are changing links, to avoid future problems).


    Why I can not find the Gladiatus Crazy Addon at the Firefox store?

    The addon was temporary disabled on the Mozilla Extension Store, it will be re-enabled after we upload the new version.

    If you still want to install it on your Firefox you can install the version uploaded on GitHub for firefox (no auto updates)…zyAddOnV4.2.0_Firefox.xpi


    How can I install the beta version?

    First of all, the beta may have error, and does not auto updates. Since it is an additional gca extension, you should disable or remove the GCA extension you already have installed. To remove the beta, you just uninstall it like any other extension.

    To install the latest beta version, first you need to download the code from GitHub. You can do that by visiting our github page and clicking the "Clone or Download" > "Download zip". Unpack the zip somewere safe (you will have to leave the folder there).

    Chrome guide (select the "source" folder inside the extracted folder)…ng-the-zip-extension-file

    Firefox guide (select the manifest file inside the "source" folder, inside the extracted folder)…ng-the-zip-extension-file

  • Hola, perdón mi inglés, estoy con un traductor de Google. Esto sucede a mí, ¿cómo puedo solucionarlo?

    Hey guagua,

    I recently found the main problem. The gold is monitored based on the total gained gold as shown in the achievements. The gold seems to have stopped updating :P (at least for high level players). I am now working on a workaround at least to get experience working.