Gladiatus Crazy Add-On

  • You could also add auction options saved for example:

    5 buttons

    I click on 1st button and shows me merc lvl100+

    I click on 2nd and shows upgrades

    I click on 3rd and shows for example Gaius

    I click on 4th and shows only purple items

    You could configure these easily accessable buttons as u want


    you could add them to the top of the bar with guild buttons, that would make about 2 rows

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  • You could add also if u can:

    - displaying items from quests without moving cursor on them

    - extra button new quests for pantheon, cause the one at the bottom is sometimes moving down and up when quests are changed, i would prefer a static one

    add everything that i've written in this thread and it will be perfect

  • You could also add:

    1) ability to do list of players that u wanna highlight in provinciarium arena (same as u did with guild members) that way i can easily target players who give me max arena bonus like 40k per click, so I dont need to remember bunch of nicknames that i have to click

    2) add to quests page ability that u dont need to check items through pointing on it like for example: Im in underworld, there is -50% quests event and i have -50% pact for quests and Im looking for only Inferno items, that way I could mix items way faster, I could save lots of time. Now I need to check every single quest that have item as a reward, but u could make full list for example:

    - bananas

    - talith wings shoes

    - behemoth blah blah

    and this could pop up instantly, so I could mix items every 2-3secs, instead like 10secs through checking every item manually. That way I could find more items to melt during the event

    3) auctions options like i wanna check:

    - mercanaries

    - purple items

    - bonuses

    - boosts

    Like it would be nice to save up to like 5 options, rn its default 1. Its not rly convienent

    4) specific items to forge adding (probably not possible i guess)

    Add these and this addon will be perfect. Work on this and I will update u later if something worth is to do more. These are essential, so dont focus on petty stuff. Thanks anyway for good addon

  • 1) There is a plus button to the left of the helmet when your on profile of the ennemy, press it and it will be added to target list that can be found in Overview -> Familia

  • Hi GCA team, how are you doing?

    I have a question (suggestion) for you. It is about a fight simulator. Right now when I go to arena or turma I have an option to click on the simulator (which is great), but then I have to enter information about servers and player names manually.

    I was wondering if it is possible to make it work in an automatic manner? My idea is to create a small buttons (next to the fight button in arena provinciarum) for each player that the game offers you to attack, and when you click on the button it should redirect you to the fight simulator where all information about you and your opponent have already been set and you can just click to simulate the battle.

    Is it possible?

  • Hello.

    Here is suggestion to improve game usability much.


    A lot of newcomers give up the game after some time.

    Old players come out. The game is not popular now, it spite of quite good game mechanics and potential.

    Reason: Shit designed farm method, shittily designed by Gameforge. Since they give up any support of their product, it can be up to you.

    How it is now. Expedition farm assumes player to click expedition, then he should wait from 1 to 15 minutes depending on speed and centurion, then do it again.

    In non-speed servers player has to wait too much. In speed servers player has to click too much. THOSE THINGS are the reasons for game fault.

    A huge number of players give up on low level, a huge number give up at 90s levels. A huge number of players do not play above 100 level, which should be the most money-bringing to Gameforge - because of good implementation of underworld, but shit implementation of Farm System. A lot of players look for a different bots. Don't blame those players. It is pure Gamefore's fault.

    Another example: Ingame work option. Player clicked once, stuff is doing by server while he is willing go away, start forge/smelt, talking etc.

    Suggestion is: you MUST remove the shitclicks / shitwaits from players, keeping this as optional. Without breaking any possibilities to raid, without forcing players either give up the game either search for external bots. Don't keep your users as idiots - normally, a little amount of players willing to do this during some reasonable period like months or years.

    Since Gameforge gave up any feedbacks / upgrades, this usability improvement is up to you. Remove shitstuff from players.

    Mechanism: on the expeditions you should add button.You should also add config. Button should loop internal Gameforge's function `window.attack` (available on every expedition location)

    1. > window.attack.toString()
    2. 'function attack(d,b,c,a,e){if(e===undefined){e=""}jQuery("#errorRow").css({display:"none"});sendRequest("get","ajax.php","mod=location&submod=attack&location="+b+"&stage="+c+e+"&premium="+a,d)}'

    Player should specify:

    1) interval in seconds to loop

    2) is use premium hourglass/ruby or not (param `a`)

    3) location number b and mob number c (optional, if you add buttons to every expedition mob)

    4) minimum health for attack

    4) optional: max amount of points to use

    5) should be able to be cancelled anytime

    6) should be automatically cancelled if not enough health or points.

    Button press should loop `window.attack` function without any modifications of this function from your side.

    * User (player) side:

    Player click once, then just wait or doing another stuff.

    He is able to be raided (as now).

    From the user side he just controlling characters work instead of doing it by himself.

    The loop can be limited by max amount of time to avoid auto-game.

    This option make ingame "farm option" similar to ingame "work option".

    It makes game much more attractive for every player (yes, everyone) who will install add-on.

    It is easy to implement with your add-on and no server-side changes are required for that.

    Please implement this usability feature.

    Players will appreciate it.

    The reason to do it, that is the game usability is broken.

    Broken, outdated, and not fixed by years.

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  • You're litterally suggesting to make bots a normal thing.

    A. GCA won't do that, as they're not dumb enough to make their add-on a ban-on-sight.

    B. If you don't like farming, you don't like gladiatus. I suggest you play another game instead of promoting bot usage.

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • So far, I only see comments from not very smart people who are against automation as such. Unfortunately, the developers have not answered yet, but a request for them.

    Yes, it should be available to everyone. As a game designer now and a Gladiatus player in the past, I have a clear vision of what is bad, why it is bad, and a simple decision on how to do it better than before.

  • Yes, by deleting Gladiatus and making it into a bot fiesta. Waw. I think we'll do without your 0 years of professional game design experience ;)

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • Let me be honest, your mindset is fked.

    What were you expecting? That the GCA dev come and say "Oh hey, yes we gonna create a bot that is completely against game rules and we make our addon banned from the game" ?

    Don't like the game? Don't play it, Sheogorath is right.

  • Their main source of income is from hourglasses. You just pretty much tell GF to make this game unprofitable for them. If u would own this game and be developer of it, you would talk differently