Solution to the weirdest RNG

  • Should the multiplier on the critical hits in fights be adjusted 37

    1. Yes, the multiplier should be lower so the critical hits do less damage (21) 57%
    2. Yes, the multiplier should be higher so the critical hits do even more damage (3) 8%
    3. No, RNG is fine as it is, but they should do something about the extremes (3) 8%
    4. No, leave it (2) 5%
    5. Yes, especially for expeditions because the enemies have insane amount of damage and with critical hits they change the outcome of the fight (8) 22%

    So for the past period a lot of players have said: the RNG is getting annoying, it doesnt make any sense why I am losing these fights.

    Well first of all.. you lose those fights probably because of the Critical hits, if you count the amount of critical hits in your fight and you put that against your hitchance and your critical hitchance, you will see that sometimes.. this doesn't make sense at all.

    If you are looking into the deatils of the fight, you will see that the Criticial hits do INSAME amount of damage... Don't even know how much exactly, but it appears to be 300% or something like that (damage -/- protection from enemy * 300% = critical hit damage, ofcourse this is an assumption, dont know the exact amount).

    Yet, I think to make sure that RNG is still a factor, I would say: decrease the multiplier damage on the critical hits. In this way the critical hits still have an important aspec tof the game, but they are less decisive. Bringing back the importance of the other stats as well.

    So therefore the poll:

    Keep in mind that you can only vote once, and the vote can not be changed

    Edit 23-09-2018: Poll deadline was 30-09-2018, new date is 31-10-2018

  • This is my own personal opinion:

    Because of 50% chance of critical hit and 50% block, basically player who hits the percentage lottery wins the battle.
    Most of the other attributes are quite unrelevant... And that should be fixed.

  • Not even one game I ever played, online or desktop, had such ridiculous value for Critical Damage. It was always 100% more than the normal hit, at maximum.

    I'd say the multiplier should be reduced, yes, but a lot more things must be done.

    See, I just reached the second boss on Britannia, Callirius, and while my stats aren't maxed yet, they're close (at least the main ones) but this guy has an insane AGI that, from what I could see, only players with the Honour of Veteran or L3 Vulcan's Blessing (and even though, only once per week) can have a chance against him. And my guild's boss showed me the stats of two bosses ahead, Cassivellaunus, and things get even worse!

    Reducing the multiplier would be a first and most immediate step, then I'd say, additionally:

    - Formulas, again, with extensive testing PvP and PvE

    - RNG, because that's influencing too much the battles (although, perhaps, fixing the formulas would solve this by itself)

    - And if needed, Bosses should be balanced to be somewhat closer to the other area opponents (so the player kind of prepare themselves for what's lying ahead)

  • This is my own personal opinion:

    Because of 50% chance of critical hit and 50% block, basically player who hits the percentage lottery wins the battle.
    Most of the other attributes are quite unrelevant... And that should be fixed.

    This is exactly what the problem is at this moment. Your stats have become irrelevant. Even if your stats are hundreds of points higher. it results in only a couple of percent extra hit or double attack.

    So fixing the multiplier is just a part of a better outcome of fights.

  • If the crit multiplier gets reduced then we will have no chance against 140/150 boss, as they have so much armour that we only do some sort of dmg if we crit.. that's what im afraid of

  • well, yeh, but it does mean that ofcourse the enemies need a little tweak as well.. if you say their armour is to high,, well.. in that case you only have to change the armour of those enemies.. right?

  • Restlesz Could you tell me please in what server exactly this guy plays? I wanna take a look at his Profile:))

    Thanks :p

  • I've been told that critical hits are just double damage of the normal hit. I am up for decreasing this to compensate for crazy RNG. I would prefer in general the game to be redesigned in general so that hit chance is high (~90ish %) that way even if the crits stay the same it won't be so RNG. I continue to think that the biggest broken thing in the game is the low hit chance and not the crit so much. Most of the insane RNG appears to come from crazy critical hits but that won't be an issue and so RNG if the hit chance is not in the 50ish %.

  • As for now... there are a lot of people already thinking it should change.

    Unfortunately.. 18 votes doesnt really seem that much compared to the global amount of players. So maybe if you could all spread this link in your guild and tell them that this place is a place where they can say what they think, whats right about the game, what is wrong, what should stay the same, what should change.

  • Maybe... What if you translated this pool to each of the languages (machine translation would suffice, I believe) and post it on each individual community? Even though English is one of the most spoken languages around the world, there a people not familiar or even comfortable with it..

    You can even warn that it's a machine translation and ma not be accurate and that's a measure to gather more supporters to the cause (sounds like I'm a rebel :p) and if someone wants to fix anything, so be it.

    The only problem is players from all servers voting in all polls, but if 25% of them come as valid votes, it's better than nothing.

  • Just to clarify, I'm pretty sure that the formula for crits is [DMG*2] - [Armor]. The crucial factor is that it is doubled before armor is taken into account, which results in more or less 3* the damage you usually inflict.

    My personal opinion is that the arena relies immensely on RNG, and not just for crits (in some of your fights you will hit or miss a ridiculous amount of times). If you really want a more stable, less random system, we would need more fighting turns, like in Turma.

    Could even be interesting in that it would force us to stop neglecting HP so badly :)

    I can't see another way to make fights less random, as all factors give ultra-random results in 1v1.

  • The only problem in this case would be that we would lose a ton of HP during each fight; would that be good to make Constitution great again ? :]

    Something like 25-30 rounds would already make fights less volatile, at the cost of 66%-100% more hp...

  • Far be it from me to try to correct the Daedric Prince of Madness, but just to clarify to the audience, roughly, damage would be the average of what we have and armor the average of the absorption rate of the armor value.

  • I guess that the problem is that hits have low chance in general… the whole fight is often about 2-3 hits from both sides… thus the critical hit is so overpowered when it happens…

    But lower but more regular hitting would solve the problem if critical hits in general.

    Lets say all the damage is reduced to deal only 1/5 of what it deals now. But the chances to hit are much higher… In the end it will deal the same damage but with more hits. So life points can stay as it is, as well as the critical hit chance compared to the normal hits… but hits in general should be more often and deal less damage per one hit.

  • Lets try to make this post more spread in all worldwide servers, collect more votes and lets try to make change guys.

    Share link to guilds etc...