Unexpected battle results

  • Yeah, that system is exactly what I really hate about this game. If the chance to lose would be higher then 30% then okaay, but this shit? Lol

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  • Problem is game's formulas are too random. When they're computed for you, your obvious higher stats yield higher chances to have the roll on your favour. But because this chance is not 100% you may lose just because it's not 100%. No matter how little the chance of your opponent is to beat you, the balance tends to prejudice you most of the times, no matter if your target has only 1% chance of winning.

    And the pacts contributes to that.

    I have these cases as well. Players with 200 less damage than me just because they're close tie to me in terms of AGI/INT, for example, several times win when I attack,. Even though I cause more damage, I don't hit them successfully as often as I should.

  • Its what I said before, you need to check the amount of critical hits. That is probably the most important factor of losing the fights. I have been announcning and telling so many people that the Critical hit chance is broken in this game and is way too overpowered. Yet even I can not make a difference since I get no reaction from GF.

    So you should count the critical hits you have and thecritical hits your enemy has. That in combination with the normal hits and you will see that:

    1. Hitchance is broken

    2. Critical hitchance is broken

  • Yeah, and I think that they should make the power gap bigger, like there is such a small gap betwen like 1100 and 1000 that it's almost 50:50. But the training cost is huge at this point. I'm not saying that it should be like before - 100 gap = 100% double attack ... but something between now and then would be the best.