Is the double hit forumla trash?

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    I am the only one that think this is just dumb:


    Yes it's in Norwegian, but you know where thing is listed.

    The difference in stats is enormous.. Our deff stats adds up too about the same, our off stats are miles apart..

    The formula at this point is: (Your Skill * Your Charisma) / (Enemy Agility * Enemy Intelligence) * 10 = double hit chance

    He have like 35%+ better off stats than me.

    Is this really fair?

  • What exactly do you mean by enormous? I don't see anything enormous there. Almost all stats are nearly the same and ratio between charismas is 2/3. At the same time is the ratio between double hits almost exactly the same 2/3. Do you expect to get 20% double hits for each point of difference in charisma?

  • Yes i did. Trust me i trained my INT nearly to the max and so i don't care that much about maxing CHAR. All i was talking about, was the example you brought in.

  • Then my argument should be clear for you. The carisma price is way too high compared with int..

    The carisma training is not worth it's price at all. That was my point with this post. You get way too little for the price you pay.

    And yes, at the coast of carisma I would like his hit chance too be in the 20% when he have that much greater double hit stats than me.

  • Indeed, let's see what I come up with...

    Both sides of the formula are multiplications and, mathematically speaking, "the order of the factors does not change the product", so even with maxed out DEX, if your Charisma is low, the left-hand operation won't be much of importance to you. Imagine 10 * 10 = 100 while your opponent defends with 100 * 100 = 1000 (you'd have 1% chance)

    But the flaw in here IMHO is the Level. Our maximum stats are capped to 5x our Level, so we must keep playing virtually forever to increase them as much as possible BUT the Level also caps our target range so in the endgame we can only attack players in the same conditions.

    When both sides are maxed out, two things rule: Pacts and Luck. Unfortunately, we have Pacts that drastically increase attributes and the big wallets have the two or three of them pretty much 24/7. Imagines two Players that regularly would have 1079 of each of the stats of the formula (level 127, mine):

    ( 1079 * 1079 ) / ( 1079 * 1079 ) / 10 => ( 1164241 / 1164241 ) * 10 = 10%

    Again, again and again. With all Pacts active, since we don't have one for Intelligence, that would be (roughly):

    ( 1547 * 1547 ) / ( 1547 * 1079 ) => ( 2393209 / 1669213 ) * 10 = 14% (rounded)

    The Attacker, buffed, would always have an extra 4% chance without considering Blessings, Reinforcements and Bonuses (like Victory's Exhilaration) the values even further and one of the sides may not have any or as much as the other part.

    But programatically speaking, 4% in an RNG system is next to nothing. The first 10% are what really defines this single factor of the battle.

    And the other formulas probably follows the same bad pattern. I can't say for sure because I don't know them. People say they're bad, they're bad, they're bad but most of them just say what others said, I personally never saw the formulas. All I have is that "feeling" that things are wrong by looking at my own Combat Reports

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