Stats & calculator & auction & beginner help

  • Hello ,

    come back to play after loong time like 10 years. Enjoying the game really. But I got a bunch of questions.

    Question about stats:

    • In arena & expeditions vs in circus turma and dungeons (might be different?)
    • What is the thing that should be prioritized overall (if possible in order)Damage or crit.
    • damageArmor or avoiding getting crit. hits or blocking value
    • then also the stats: dexterity, agility, intelligence, charisma, constitution, strength (I think but I am not sure there was some change about how charisma works)
    • healing or crit. healing for dungeon

    Question about auction:

    • Is is worth it to looking for green items or should I just filer blue and upper? (There are 2 ways I am looking at time time perspective (not wasting it on checking on green items) and and then from the item stats perspecitve (might find good green items, like spawning change is better to find green item with better stats than blue)) - hope this make sense

    Question about smelting or selling:

    • Should I selling green items and smelt only blue and above or opposite? (selling blue and above and smelting green).Or maybe till level x sell everything and then smelt only?

    Question abuot calculator & suffix & preffix and overrall items/NPC lists:

    • Is there some valid and actual calculator with current data? (also for item & suffix & prefix data)

    Question about upgrading items in Magus Hermeticus:

    • Which items is worth to upgrade, weapons only? (and use gold only?). Or others items as well?

    Question about leveling strategy & dungeon:

    • Should I do slow leveling (dungeons only) or expeditions as well?
    • Till what level should be my character in healing role?

    Thank you for reading and advices.If something is not clear please tell me I will reexplain what I ment.