GameForce 20th Anniversary

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    This year (2023) GameForge celebrates 20 years of service and of creating feelings of nostalgia in many of us, 20 years of experience in which we are accompanying this company.

    But it really doesn't seem like they are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, we don't have banners announcing this achievement or any news, a few days ago we had the tool event but previous years we would have had 2 tool events so far this year.

    20 years of experience are not a small thing, we should have news of some event of great importance for the 20 years. Maybe ruby events or MASSIVE events in the month of their 20th year.

    What does the community think about Gameforge celebrating its 20th anniversary?


  • I thought the duplicate forge goods were the birthday present, but they ended up banning everyone! :D:D:D


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