Material copying bug - massive issue on new Vulcan server and possible others (FIXED)

  • As of todays patch this has been fixed, thanks glad team. One question is there are still big amounts of materials that people hoarded using it but i imagine its hard to do anything about it. If you are worried about it, my personal advice would be to wait for new server :)

    Hey everyone,

    would it be possible to get some feedback regarding material cloning bug that has been going rampart lately on the "new" global Vulcan server.

    Is it something the team is working on to fix ? or is the fix not easy/complicated ( eg. like bots ) or not even possible and we just have to accept it as part of the game now kinda like we did with bots.

    Problem is this screws the game a bit too much specially on new servers. ( that are most fun for majority of the players ). People learned how to cope with people botting and having multiaccounts but this may the final nail in the coffin.

    Market has been flooded with loads of red materials many of which has been basically free. There are players that have full red forged gear on a server thats 20 days old. The guide on how to perform the bug has even been widely spread on discord and so on now.

    I understand this is not an easy topic to talk about and its not something one person can get done something about. But this "lets keep silent and hope it boils over" and not communicating with community at all may be company strategy but to announce happy days without saying anything feels like a spit to face to all legit players that support whats left of this game.

    Cheers and have a good day,

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