Question about the 'use' of the events like Hadrians wall and similar .....

  • hi.... another 'event' failed

    DUTCH server 2 failed mission ( again)


    imperator.jpg Verdediging mislukt!
    24.02.2020 00:00

    Verdediging heeft gefaald en de doden hebben hun slachtoffers gemaakt. Al je inspanningen zijn voor niets geweest! Rome zal haar slachtoffers nog enige tijd moeten rouwen.

    GERMAN 5x server also FAILED ( again)

    imperator.jpg Verteidigung gescheitert!!!
    24.02.2020 00:01

    Die Verteidigung ist fehlgeschlagen, die Toten haben ihre Opfer geholt. Alle deine Bemühungen waren schlussendlich vergebens! Rom wird lange um seine Opfer trauern.


    What is the use of these events ? :/ every time i fall for it and join the battle hoping this time it will succeed, but it always fails, usually at the same point it ends.X(

    Wouldn't it be better not to have these anymore? afterall all they always fail.8|

  • It succeeded on s28-en (x5 speed). Can't say for other servers in other comms, but they do succeed also.




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  • I dont know what german server you are playing, but I think you play on 201.

    the problem at this server is, that there are many activ multiaccounts, so there is no possibility to win the event.

    I`m sure you have other servers, where you can win. :D

  • Hello! Too bad for the fails! The amount of mobs to be killed on a wall depends on the number of players on that server. If the server has many players but little activity, the chances to make the wall decreases because of insuficient attacks.