CZ speed servers were left out of merges, cannot use Provincarium

  • In the CZ region, all servers were merged into EN ones, except for dead 48 and us 49.
    As a lv110 player on 49 I cant see anyone in Provincarium arenas (top player on 48 is a lv95), so my game was heavily compromised.
    All of us with levels 100+ cannot use properly Dispater hard costume. And the levels below have very few opponents in Provincariums.

    Will it be possible (in the near future) to attack EN servers in Provincariums or will you merge us there, too?

    If not, is there any way to refund just-bought rubies if the gameplay was hurt so much? Thank you!

  • The last 2 greek servers had the same problem... we had patience and finally we were added to a merge.. probably the same will happen with your server .. sooo have patience and the merge will happen