Characther Pushing

  • Title says it all, is characther pushing now bannable?

    Because I used to play Gladiatus in like 2010 and it was bannable.

    Came back around 4 months ago and I was surprised with amount of updates this game recieved.

    First of all I need to learn a lot about materials (mainly whats the price of materials on market), so any tips would be usefull with that aswell.

    Even tho I figured out a little bit of prices of materials, smelting system and everything else, I doubt player at level 23 would be able to earn 3.549.772.182 gold.

    Back in the day when I used to have level 219 account (if I remember correctly) I didnt earn that much of a gold and player at level 23 beats me by a high margin.

    How is this possibble?

  • Pushing your own characters is bannable. Pushing anyone else is legal. This is what a lot of players abuse. They give the right amount of gold to other players then ask them to give it to their alt. It works similar with materials and items. They put it into their guild's warehouse, ask one of their guildmates to take it out and put it back. This will cause to owner's name to change and makes it eligable for their alts to be taken. I know a player who has more than 20 characters that are interestingly only used at malefica events. You can guess why :)