• These rules are valid for all OnlineGamesNet users.
    If you do not agree with these rules, disconnect from the network.

    1. Using the network, sanctions against users

    1. Using our servers is a privilege, not a right. IRC operators may remove users from the network - temporary or permanent - with or without a reason.
    2. Sanctions against users include kills (forced disconnects), G-Lines (server bans) and AuthServ account suspension.
    3. Sanctions against channels include the removal of chanserv from a channel - temporary or permanent - and the administrative shutdown of a channel.

    2. Problems with users

    1. You are expected to treat the staff and other users of OnlineGamesNet with respect. If you feel another user is harassing you, /ignore or ban that user. If the /ignore (or ban) is reasonably chosen and the user acts to evade the ban and continue the harassment, contact OnlineGamesNet staff in #help.
    2. If you are harrassed in a channel and you are not a channel operator, ask one of them to ban the user. If no operator is active, you can just /part the channel.
    3. If you are still harrassed after that, you can report the user in #help.

    3. Bans

    1. Ban evasion is prohibited.
    2. If a user evades a valid ban, please ask him to stop evading.
    3. If he continues, contact #help.
    4. Note: Bans on a nickname (nickname!*@*) are not considered as valid bans. We will not deal with users evading such a banmask.

    4. Illegal material, hate speech etc.

    1. It is strictly forbidden to distribute any illegal material (e.g. mp3, warez, serialz, crackz), porn, racism, or other prohibited things on OnlineGamesNet.
    2. If you see such things here, please report it in #help.

    5. Viruses, Worms etc.

    1. Infected users will be banned from our servers for 1 hour to remove the virus, if they are not active and willing to remove the virus.
    2. If you notice someone spreading a virus, contact #help
    3. If you have been G-Lined due to a virus, you can use the G-Line Check after you removed the virus so we can remove your G-Line.
    4. Users spreading a virus intentionally will be banned for a longer duration.

    6. Channels

    1. The Channel Registration Guidelines apply to new channel registrations.
    2. IRC Staff has the right to deny the registration of a channel or unregister/shutdown a channel e.g. if it violated the Registration Guidelines.
    3. You are only allowed to advertise in other people's channels if you hae the owner's permission or if you are on the channel's userlist. This also applies for links to "thievery games".
    4. Advertising or giveaways at a certain idler level are strictly prohibited.

    7. Bots

    1. Bots are usually allowed.
    2. Idlerbots, which are just used to increase the user count of a channel, will be banned (G-Lined) if we detect them:

    8. Clones

    1. Our services allow 4 simultaneous connections from a single ip.
    2. If you have more than 4 connections, you will be automatically G-Lined for 1 hour, which means all your connections will be cut and you won't be able to reconnect until the G-Line expired.
    3. If you need more connections, e.g. for useful bots or bouncers, ask in #help for a "Trust".

    9. Miscellaneous

    1. Nicknames of staff may be protected. That means if you use one of these nicks, your nick might be forcibly changed by an IRC Operator.
    2. IRC operators will interpret this rules if there is ambiguity as to how it applies to your situation.