Auctions after server merges

  • Hey,

    the server merges came as a big surprise, however it comes with a few downsides too, what is gonna happen to auctions? With so many players from so many communities, the auctions will explode, I wouldn't mind, except, how are we gonna get food?

    Without food, it's a game over, on high levels, you use a lot of food, so you need to hoard it, but now? Auctions will be out of option, then there is only the vendor guy, but you can't rotate him forever, because without clothes it's gonna cost an *infinite* amount of rubies (or is that the Gameforge's plan?).

    So what now? The suggestion is simple, increase the amount of auctions items, but HEAVILY, most likely not even a triple amount of the current number is not gonna be enough...

    And I am not even talking about how I save gold via amulets... that's another story.

  • You have to remove prefix and suffix from cures.

    You have to put them at level 1

    And create a new horreum, where you can store the cures, just like we do with forge goods.


    Você tem que remover prefixo e sufixo das curas.

    Você tem que colocá-los no nível 1

    E crie um novo horreum, onde você pode armazenar as curas, assim como fazemos com os produtos de forja.


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  • I completely agree, I actually have many concerns about server merges but this is probably the most crucial one. I think the main problem is that expedition bosses at higher levels are extremly unbalanced. I'm currently at lvl 171 farming Kent's Taximagulus (winning 4 out of 5, still losing about 1/4 of my hp each fight). I don't even try to fight any of the lvl 170 Ford's opponents, because I'd lose so much it wouldn't be worth experience wise to farm them. With active centurion, pacts and DP's costume I do about 360 expedition battles a day and I also fight in the arena every minute to gain more experience from quests.

    To be able to do that consistently it requires me to bid on almost every food items in the auction all the time when I'm online. There's only one player on my server who's able to see my items due to his level and even him alone can cause me a lot of trouble when he outbids me on food or amulets. Now imagine what it will be like when hundreds of players will be able to bid on the same item. It would be catasthrophic for players like me, I honestly don't know how I could be able to keep up levelling without buying hundreds of rubies each month.

    In my oppinion a merge between community servers would have been more sustainable in a long run than merging tousands of players into one server.

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  • And what will happen to the guilds, because with such a massive update there will be strong relocations and there will be guilds with so many members that their current levels of buildings will be insufficient, especially the medical center. Until now, it was not possible to have about 70+ active members above level 100 in one guild, but now with more people it will be possible.

    Imagine 70 active members lining up for 7 doctors as they enter the underworld.
    Another unclear thing about what will happen to the provincial arena attacks? According to the logic of the merger, the other merged ones should come out, etc. provinces only at other speeds but not at your server speed. De facto if you play x5 speed and if you go to the province attacks x1, x2, x4 speeds. But X5 speed players at high levels will not be able to attack them in the countryside and they will be able to attack there because they will not have players in range from other speeds, right?

  • Hello, please consider an issue and what to do.

    After the merges there can be a lot of issues for middle-high level players (150+) to attacking crosserver people, doing uw3 (paid feature will go to oblivion) and just doing quests for "UPGRADE BATTLES".

    Local pvp is not good in that matters - coverage (impossibility to beat already covered people for exp and gold), 5/day independently on speed, upgrade quest failure, expected high concurrency for hitting someone (for timers), killing uw3 etc. There will be a lack of opponents, who start to scare of large amount of attacks (for example if we have 5 x4 people and 30 x5 people, imaging what their cries will be)

    Think please about adding uw mobs to arena /turma or random mobs as a solution to increase cross-server or keep it. Or something else?

  • Also at this speed x5 should have long been in the underground kingdom bosses after 120 levels
    as they are on every 10 levels after 120 the expeditions at least should have been for the dungeon.

    There are already members who are almost 240 levels, which is double that.
    This merger will move the game for 2 years ahead, but if there are no additional regular updates with new buildings, features, battles, bosses for expeditions, bosses for dungeons, the game will fall again.

    You haven't even fixed the bug since the last update, in which the date when the members arrived in the guild is 2 lines and this leads to unnecessary distances between the names of the members in the guild.

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  • it is safe to assume that they will not really update anything... if they had a 10 hour (a week or even a month) part timer that is a programmer and a second one as graphics designer (aka for portraits and dungeon layout design), I am sure they would have been able to finish all the needed dungeons for Britannia(?)

  • I played another game that we were from many different countries and the flags were in a separate column, not so scattered. Ranking is now like a Christmas tree. Separately in the market where the flags are displayed is extremely poorly thought out. If someone wants to connect in order to trade with someone, it is better to display the flags when viewing your account under the name.